Testing a golf trolley speed control switch

What I need now is a new micro switch, the one which is fitted to its small PCB. I also need a new on/off button and the A-B button and the rubber gasket that the button head fits to. Do the micro switches come with like a nylon ‘top hat’ that fits over the microswitch […]

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golf trolley speed controller keeps cutting out

My golf trolley speed controller keeps cutting out and goes back to zero where by the trolley stops. I then have to keep turning the knob round and round until it shows the numbers are back on the screen and I then select the required speed. Also while running the speed it will, for example, […]

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Golf trolley speed control fault finder

Hi, I had bought from you last year.  The trolley was turning itself off and your suggestions on how to fix my golf trolley worked. This year I have a new problem…   The trolley goes ok but sometimes if I touch speed control to increase speed it changes to zero and stops.  I have to […]

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ProRider speed knob problem

I recently inherited a pro rider trolley. However when changing the speed knob from 2 to 3 the speed goes from below walking pace to faster than walking pace. Could you tell me if this can be adjusted or if you think there is a faulty part. Auto 10 20 30 m stop works as […]

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Electric golf trolley will not start up

I have a ProRider electric golf trolley and it developed a fault. I can’t get the trolley to go by using the knob. I can switch the trolley on and it lights up but as soon as I try to turn the speed knob nothing happens, the display stays at zero. All the lights are […]

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golf trolley controller only goes to speed 4

My golf trolley controller only goes to 4 would that be a problem with the board ? IF it has stopped going up any higher in speed then it most likely will be the speed control switch in the handle . (see photo) . This speed switch if it gets a knock or bumped i.e. when […]

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golf trolley speed control switch reversed

I bought a control switch from you and fitted it yesterday. I followed the colour coding between the switch and the circuit board. Unfortunately the switch now works in he reverse order – ie when moved clockwise it goes from speed 7 to 0. Can I reverse the outside two wires and will this cause […]

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ProRider golf trolley speed control not working

My ProRider golf trolley has a problem with the speed jumping around. The speed control display jumps around stops and then goes to no 7. Does this mean I need a new speed controller, potentiometer or anything else. Please advise which to purchase Thanks your help I have found in previous experience when the Pro […]

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Speed control jumping around

You will see from the attached correspondence that we have chatted before re my trolley problems. I had the trolley repaired eventually and the problem was that one of the connection wires in the main cable had snapped in the connector socket that went into the controller panel. The guy soldered the wire back together […]

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Golf Trolley Not Moving

I have fitted the new speed control switch. I press start switch and digital light appears at Zero. When I then operate the starter switch the digital numbers appear but start flashing with very minimal movement of trolley. Can you give me a reason for this please, Thank you in anticipation. On this type of […]

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Electric golf trolley speed control fault

Hi, My Pro Rider golf trolley speed control has stopped working, can you help.  The trolley is switching on the power no faults and the display is showing as normal.  The fault lies when I try to turn the speed of the trolley up or down it won’t work.  The numbers are not moving.  Sometimes […]

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Pro Rider golf trolley speed all over place – stop and go

 My pro rider has not been used for 3 years as it became very unreliable. It would just stop and then go again, the speed reg. was all over the place and it was just unusable. Have now decided to have another go. In your opinion do you think the control box may be the […]

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Pro-force electric golf trolley only works on preset distances

Hi, I have a 2014/15 model pro-force electric golf trolley. It works on the pre-set a,b,c fixed distances fine but doesn’t work on the Manual mode. The numbers still go up and down when the knob is turned but no movement. The screen seems fine, it’s had a new knob so does that mean it […]

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Speed Control Switch

What is a Golf Trolley Speed Control Switch The other name for the spare part is sometimes referred to as a potentiometer or pot original name being a reostat. This component acts as a speed control switch for a golf trolley by way of increasing the speed of the motor through a control stepping up of Amps Damage […]

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Turning the speed dial is erratic and display is sticking and jumping

My Pro Rider golf trolley speed number display is erratic and is jumping a few numbers at a time.  Sometimes when turning the speed control switch up or down it sticks at a certain speed then if I keep turning, it then jumps to 7 top speed  as if it is missing some speed settings in […]

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My golf trolley speed control switch isn’t working

 I found my display speed numbers are not going up to the maximum speed well not all the time, I find sometimes the trolley LED numbers stop around 5 and sometimes won’t go all the way up to speed 7 on the display.  Please can anyone let me know what they think is wrong ? […]

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