Pro-force electric golf trolley only works on preset distances


I have a 2014/15 model pro-force electric golf trolley. It works on the pre-set a,b,c fixed distances fine but doesn’t work on the Manual mode. The numbers still go up and down when the knob is turned but no movement. The screen seems fine, it’s had a new knob so does that mean it will need a new control module? Cheers

With you saying it has a new speed control switch then this makes it more difficult to say where the fault lies.  Normally it would definitely indicate the problem lies with the speed control switch or its connections.  The first task would be to make sure the speed switch is properly fitted; connections all connected properly and no dirt inside the connector plug and that the switch itself is working.  So assuming the speed switch is working and connected OK the control box or LED handle circuit board (PCB) can cause some strange issues as does the control module.  Although you can’t rule out the control box module completely, my best guess would be more to do with; firstly the golf trolley speed control switch then secondly the LED circuit board in the handle.  Sorry, I can’t be of more help, but without having tested the golf trolley, this would be my best diagnosis of the fault.

When i switch my trolley on zero comes up when i turn the speed control it stays on zero and does not move but if i turn the AB button 10-20-30 mt it works fine the distance you say it could be the speed control switch but it is wise to change the circuit board as well my board No is D-64186.

I would recommend replacing your ProForce golf trolley speed switch, as this is most likely where the fault lies. Normally if the circuit board is faulty it wouldn’t work with the auto-distance buttons either, unless it is a faulty stop/start micro-switch on the handle circuit board.
Hope this helps, the support page will give you instructions on how to fit the speed switch we supply. Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.







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  1. Peter avatar

    I have the same trolley with a similar problem except mine either goes on 7 or stops on 0 depending on how it feels. I have cleaned the controller etc with no obvious improvement. I suspect the potentiometer under the control knob. Are spares available?

    1. support avatar

      I believe you are correct in thinking it is the potentiometer (speed control switch). This is easily fixed, see the support page for instructions. It can be purchased on the store straight link to a purchase speed control switch

  2. Paul Gurney avatar
    Paul Gurney

    I have the same trolley but when mine gets to 7 it continuously flashes but don’t go as fast as it should

  3. Paul Gurney avatar
    Paul Gurney

    Does anyone know what this problem could be

    1. support avatar

      Flashing number normally means it’s not getting the current it needs but if the battery and lead is ok it sounds like the controller. Make sure the motor does not have a burnt smell either.

  4. Richard Morgan avatar
    Richard Morgan

    Have a issue in that the illuminated control light flashes and nothing else works.
    Checked battery and ok
    Can you suggest possible faults
    Many thanks
    Have noted some damage to electric cable near chassis hinge joint
    Richard Morgan

    1. Support Staff avatar
      Support Staff

      Normally I would say the battery is too low on power but as you’ve check the battery and you say there is damage to the main wire at the golf trolley folding point (a common point of damage) then it seems it could need a new main wire fitted.

  5. Glenn Allen avatar
    Glenn Allen

    I have a similar problem with a pro rider.
    It works fine on the auto settings 11, 22, 33 yards.
    The speed is stuck on 7 the vast majority of the time, occasionally skips to 6, turning the knob has no effect.
    Any ideas, is it the potentiometer?

    1. Jim avatar

      It could be either the speed control switch (potentiometer) or often the controller can stick at top speed. The controller if stuck at top speed tends to make the golf trolley not respond in any way on off etc. So if your trolley is working on auto-distance settings this points to the speed control. If it’s faulty this usually jumps the speeds if played around with. Hope this helps.

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