Do the parts fit the S1 Motocaddy golf trolley

Will this controller fit my S1 2013 golf trolley, it looks similar. If you mean the Motocaddy S1 golf trolley then sorry at the moment we don’t sell spares for any of the Motocaddy golf trolleys. If this is for a different make please email or contact us page and give any details and we […]

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ProRider golf trolley will not start

Fault with ProRider golf trolley not moving The fault is that the ProRider golf trolley does not work at all.  It will not start up or move forward under power. All of the display lights work, the speed controller shows the speed variation. The 3 distance settings are illuminated depending which button is pressed, but […]

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controller clicks but motor not turning

Battery checked and connected to trolley all 3 coloured lights come on when you turn speed switch a click is heard from controller but no movement Motor checked with spare battery and runs normal. Any advice please. Controller? Although the controller clicks it may not be working. Regards the handle circuit, I would think if […]

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Golf trolley stops and restarts again

I have a Precision trolley with a T handle. All lights come on. Using the controller, after turning it up, it will go for a bit then stop and restart again, and repeat the sequence. It also happens if I set the speed then just use the on off button. It also starts on its […]

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ProForce Electric golf trolley not starting up

I have a 15 month old Pro-Force digital golf trolley. It has a button for 10 yards 20 yards or 30 yards free run. When I start it up all 3 lights come on as does the digital display. I turn the control knob and when it passes from 0 to 1 there is a […]

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Golf trolley just stops in a round and the power just switches off

I have a PRO FORCE electric trolley purchased 3 years ago. I am experiencing a problem that cause the trolley to struggle on the course and occasionally power off. It starts back up again, but it runs for a while, then power cuts again. We have a hilly course, and it is a struggle. Initially, […]

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