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Controller and Circuits must be Compatible

One of the most important things to know when changing over any handle circuit or golf trolley controller is they must be compatible with each other.  This should be the first thing to check when replacing any of these components.  If in doubt contact me and I can confirm.  The online store has the controllers for sale and with each one is the option to purchase the correct handle circuit.  if this is done improperly then the golf trolley will not function or even power up.

A list below will show the components which should be aligned together.

Main Controller Box and Handle Circuits must be Compatible


S1G-12V-8-J-9 must have the square circuit



SIG-T2D3-J-12 must have the circuit D64186

Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12

New Ben Sayers Handle Circuit
New  Circuit sealed rubber.



S3D-G-USB-12V-22A must have the circuit D-62145 or D-61337

Spare Controller S3D-G-USB-12V-22A

D-62145 Handle circuit replacement

Let me know if you need any other help or if I have got anything wrong.

6 thoughts on “Controller and Circuits must be Compatible”

  1. Michael Gardiner

    Is there a replacement part for controller PK3808 for the powakaddy sport? Where can I get the PK3808 controller?

  2. Bernadette Malone

    What control box will fit a mocad electric golf trolley 353TM2G-N02290.
    I have a control box which does not work. It has the serial number S/N:A06075936

    1. Bernadette Malone

      Thank you for the reply.
      Could you tell me what is the specific golf trolley controller that I need ?
      Thank you in anticipation

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