ProRider controller

Controller and Circuits must be Compatible

One of the most important things to know when changing over any handle circuit or golf trolley controller is they must be compatible with each other.  This should be the first thing to check when replacing any of these components.  If in doubt contact me and I can confirm.  The online store has the controllers for sale and with each one is the option to purchase the correct handle circuit.  if this is done improperly then the golf trolley will not function or even power up.

A list below will show the components which should be aligned together.

Main Controller Box and Handle Circuits must be Compatible


S1G-12V-8-J-9 must have the square circuit



SIG-T2D3-J-12 must have the circuit D64186

Controller SIG -T2D3-J-12

New Ben Sayers Handle Circuit
New  Circuit sealed rubber.



S3D-G-USB-12V-22A must have the circuit D-62145 or D-61337

Spare Controller S3D-G-USB-12V-22A

D-62145 Handle circuit replacement

Let me know if you need any other help or if I have got anything wrong.






35 responses to “Controller and Circuits must be Compatible”

  1. Michael Gardiner avatar
    Michael Gardiner

    Is there a replacement part for controller PK3808 for the powakaddy sport? Where can I get the PK3808 controller?

    1. Jim avatar

      Unfortunately the Powakaddy problem forum for faults has not started yet.

    2. Phil avatar

      Can’t find one anywhere, even second hand they are getting rare. Does anyone know of an alternative or upgrade that can be used.

      1. Jim avatar

        Phil, if you would like to use the contact us form and give me as much details as possible. i.e. model, handle circuit, serial nos. etc.

  2. Bernadette Malone avatar
    Bernadette Malone

    What control box will fit a mocad electric golf trolley 353TM2G-N02290.
    I have a control box which does not work. It has the serial number S/N:A06075936

    1. Jim avatar

      Mocad has a specific type of golf trolley controller which is not a spare part I have, sorry.

    2. Bernadette Malone avatar
      Bernadette Malone

      Thank you for the reply.
      Could you tell me what is the specific golf trolley controller that I need ?
      Thank you in anticipation

      1. Jim avatar

        Only known from your s/n and MOCAD model no. of trolley.

  3. Janaki avatar

    I need to replace the controller on my pro rider golf trolley.
    how do I send the pic across to you?

    1. Jim avatar

      I do all the ProRider controllers and circuits. But if you email attachment photo to me at
      admin @

      I will be happy to look at it this Friday when I back at the office.

  4. Peter Lewis avatar
    Peter Lewis

    Hi there. I need a new control pcb for my Hillman trolley. It’s an S2D type manufactured in 2014. Will the S3D type be compatible as I can’t seem to trace the original.
    Many thanks in anticipation.

    1. Jim avatar

      See (controller box S3D-G-USB-12V-22A must have the handle circuit D-62145 or D-61337). See above… if the handle and wire connection can take it, then it’s possible to switch over both controller and compatible handle circuit so as they work together.

  5. Matthew McNeill avatar
    Matthew McNeill

    I have a powerbug trolley and it cuts out when in use, I’ve had a look at the E.C.U and only light one comes on.
    Will I need a new battery or a new E.C.U.

    Much obliged

  6. Kevin Brown avatar
    Kevin Brown

    Can you help?
    I have just changed from a acid battery to a lithium. I purchased a new 3-pin to T-bar for it as well but as i turn it on via the control switch to No1 it takes off like a rocket ,It is all or nothing. its like it is on number 9, so much power..
    1-9 via the controller is all the same speed. Can you help. Will i need a new controller unit for use with a lithium and not acid battery?

    1. Jim avatar

      I am not sure if the battery issue is related I don’t see why. But this problem is almost certain to be a fault in the controller box and needs a new replacement. Check out the store to find the correct type. You should be able to read the serial model number for your trolley. Any questions just contact me on the contact page and I will run you through it all.

  7. Philip Edley avatar
    Philip Edley

    Have you got a controller box part number S1D3G-J-12V-V

    1. Jim avatar

      I have a few brand new left in stock of the older Electric Golf Trolley Controller S3D-G-USB-12V-22A (now out of production). If you can let me know your handle circuit type I can usually know which controller works with it. The contact page has my email address where you can attach a photo if needed.

  8. Samuel Kwak avatar
    Samuel Kwak

    I am interested speed controller S1RG 8-12 V for my remote control trolly.

  9. null avatar

    Hello. I lost the remote for my Powakaddy serial no, AR 90925. Can you assist? I picked up a used remote and is there a way to pair this? What options do I have? Phone app?

    Thank you

    1. Jim avatar

      Powakaddy didn’t want to give me a dealership, sorry I can’t help.

  10. Bernard Mc Shane avatar
    Bernard Mc Shane

    Have you got a control box for powakaddy serial number AR957229.

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry, don’t deal with Powakaddy.

  11. Bart Ung avatar
    Bart Ung

    I have controller for a bat caddy


    Do you have this one?

  12. Paul Beeby avatar
    Paul Beeby

    I have been given a Jaguar D200 electric push cart that was run into a puddle about 4″ deep and immediately stopped working. The unit is 24 volt with no identification numbers on the control board. The control board showed signs of water damage but the motor was dry. Is there any source for a replacement control board? I can send you a photo of the board if that would be of any help to identify.

    1. Jim avatar

      I got your comment. The cart you mention, I have not come across before, but if you would like to send photos of the controller unit and the handle circuit I should be able to tell from there. See contact page for email address.

  13. Clyde Landry avatar
    Clyde Landry

    I have a spin It Golf trolley with a Precision S1RG-8-12V-9 controller. Is their an alternate controller manufactured that I can install to increase the power output of the motors?

    1. Jim avatar

      That is the only controller for your model. Power to the trolley is by the strength of the motors in watts.

      1. Clyde avatar

        Do you know if specification sheets are available for the motor and speed controller?

        1. Jim avatar

          No sorry I don’t have controller unit or handle circuit specifications.

  14. Xenofon Dimitrakopoulos avatar
    Xenofon Dimitrakopoulos

    I need a speed controller ,S1RG 12V 30A CE ,for Pro Rider golf trolley .Do you have this one or can I used S1RG -8-12V without problems ?
    Thank you

    1. Jim avatar

      If you have the Pro Rider remote golf trolley then this should have the ProRider rectangular circuit and older T handle . If so this is the correct controller.

  15. Howard avatar

    I have remote waslin golf trolley. All working with exception to being able to use the knob on the handle and the remote to determine the speed. Stop start but no control inbetween. What do i need ? Regards Howard.

    1. Jim avatar

      If it’s only the knob which is not working the speed then a new speed control switch from the store will sort this.

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