Replacing a difficult golf trolley clutch – screws stuck

The right wheel I ordered from you in 2013 has a slipping clutch. I have tried to remove it without success. If you are having a problem in removing the clutch from the wheel, here is my recommendation for helping you remove a difficult wheel clutch. The original clutches from 5 years ago (2013) were […]

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Golf trolley not moving forward – wheels turn off the ground

I have not used my trolley for 15 months and now it does not seem to have power as it will not go forward under load. If I lift the driving wheels off the ground and increase the speed, the wheels turn and go faster as the speed increases. However, when I place the driving […]

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Motor turns wheels do not move on the ground

My motor responds to the controls when the wheels are off the ground and there is no resistance. when the wheels are grounded a motor/drive gear can be heard spinning but the wheels are not spinning. Suspect the drive gear/ clutch to the underside that is attached to the axle, can this be purchased separately […]

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Golf trolley not connecting to the wheels

I have this trolley but now the motor works but is not connecting to the wheels. Can you please suggest what I can do to correct this. This sounds like all is working except the trolley is not got any power driving the wheels forward.  Best thing to do is check to see if the […]

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Wheel Clutch

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch   What is a wheel clutch A golf trolley clutch is used in electric golf trolleys that have motors to drive them forward.  The motor in turn drives the shaft or axle via a gearbox.  This in turn drives the wheels but in order to drive the wheels the wheels need […]

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