Golf trolley pulling to the left

I have had my Pro Rider golf trolley for 7 years and it has started to pull to the left when going uphill or when I put extra speed on it. Also, the right wheel has come off, for no reason, a few times lately. Reading your explanations of why this is happening it looks as though I need two new wheel clutches, can you confirm this is probably what I need. I look forward to hearing from you.  Many thanks

With your golf trolley pulling to the left especially going uphill it is probably your left wheel clutch is worn and needs to be replaced. The right will be weak and you will most likely need to replace it also. Sometimes the other side (in this case the right wheel clutch) can be worn.  This only comes to light when the new left one is fitted, showing up the weaker right side. So it is always best to fit both golf trolley wheel clutches at the same time. They are sold in pairs (left and right) and are available on the website store.

There is a post explaining the few reasons the trolley can be pulling one side or the other.  If the wheels are not giving the same drive pulling power then it tends to make the golf trolley go off to one side.  It is always best to check the drive pins are in place and not damaged.  Also, the front wheel may need the alignment adjusted.

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