How to fix golf trolley axle pin sheared

Replacement of the golf trolley axle pin To replace a missing or sheared axle pin the following guide of how to fix.   It is a fairly straightforward job but without the tools then it can make it difficult to insert the axle pin in place as can be seen in this video. The tools needed […]

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golf trolley wheel not staying on

Wheel not locking in place – wheel keeps falling or coming off the axle – wheel clip not working The left wheel will not click and lock on with the new clutch fitted. The right one is ok and trolley works but the left wheel falls off. I have a pro rider electric golf trolley, […]

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Wheels not turning

When the wheels are off the ground the axle turns okay and the wheels turn but when all wheels are on the ground they stop turning as does the axle and it makes quite a noise. My research would suggest this may be a clutch problem but both are less than 6 months old and […]

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Proforce electric golf trolley right wheel falling off

Good afternoon my Proforce electric golf trolley right wheel keeps falling off. I believe the inner clutch has worn. Can you get replacements? Also, do you sell new tyre rubbers for the same wheels? The ProForce golf trolley wheel clutch is the same as our model of the clutch (two prongs and two screw holes). […]

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Motor drive jammed sticking

Please help my trolley failed to drive the potentiometer gave various readings but no drive. I fitted a new potentiometer and to be on the safe side a new circuit board, still no drive but the control handle lit up ok.??  I went buy suggestions on your website that the controller could be at fault […]

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How to Fit a Golf Trolley Axle

I will try and help describe the new style axle fitting system. The original axle had a drive pin which went straight through the axle and gearbox sleeve, This has been upgraded because the older axle pin which went through the axle had a tendency to sheer.  The original golf trolley axle is no longer […]

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