How to Fit a Golf Trolley Axle

I will try and help describe the new style axle fitting system. The original axle had a drive pin which went straight through the axle and gearbox sleeve, This has been upgraded because the older axle pin which went through the axle had a tendency to sheer.  The original golf trolley axle is no longer available. The original axle golf trolley can now use the new fitting system as an upgrade.  Below describes how to fit the new axle which is slightly different from the original fitting.

Fitting the golf trolley axle parts onto the trolley itself

1. Gearbox ring, axle ball bearing, and ring grub screw.

Golf trolley axle ring screw and ball bearing shown


2. Slide the axle into the golf trolley.

Golf trolley axle slides into place


3. The securing ring should slide over the axle before the axle goes through the gearbox.

The ring slides over the axle


4. Align the indented hole in the axle up with the gearbox sleeve hole. ( this hole is where the original axle had a drive pin through).

Line up the axle indent with the hole


5. The axle ball bearing fits into the gearbox hole and rests against the round indent on the axle.

Ball-bearing drops through to axle


6. Then the ring fits over this gearbox sleeve and hole on the ring should line up with the ball bearing where the hole on the gearbox sleeve and indent on the axle are.

The ring slides over the gearbox


7. The small grub screw then screws through the ring.

fit grub screw into the ring.


8. Tighten the grub screw to hold the ball bearing in place.

Tighten the grub screw holds the ball-bearing



Fitting the wheel clutch axle pins into the axle.

Video: Once in place hammering the pins in place by way of holding and squeezing the pins with pliers or mole grips and a good few whacks to get them in.

3 thoughts on “How to Fit a Golf Trolley Axle”

  1. Many thanks for the instruction and great tips. I don’t know much about how to fitting the golf trolley axle parts. After reading your great article I understand the process and tried at my nearby golf club. It’s really amazing tips. Hearty thanks to you.

  2. My axle broke and I had to replace it but I run into a problem.Were your still photos depicts the ring slipping over the gearbox mine doesn’t.Its to small.Where can I buy a bigger size

    1. Some of the older axles had a different setup with a pinned gearbox connection. As a valued customer f you email I can go over some other photos for you

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