common problems with electric golf trolleys

How to Fix Common Problems electric golf trolley

Most golfers find their golf trolley faults over time and here are 5 common problems with electric golf trolleys and how to fix them.

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My Golf Trolley is going slow

Some of the most common problems for a slow electric golf trolley are:

  • The battery does not have enough charge.
  • Some of the Battery cells are at fault.
  • The inner wheel hubs (clutches) need replaced
  • The axle pins for the wheels are missing
  • The motor has partially burnt out

Electric Golf Trolley Speed Control Intermittent

A common problem with trolley speed intermittent:

  • The speed control switch knob is at fault
  • Speed control knob has been knocked
  • The speeds are inconsistent and jumping around
  • The speed won’t adjust
  • The speed jumps from slow to fast and nothing inbetween

For more detailed problems see speed control switch faults and fixes

Golf trolley keeps cutting off

Common problems for electric golf trolley keeps cutting off are:

  • The battery cable broken
  • Battery connector has water or dampness in it
  • Battery lead connector is dirty or rusty corroded
  • The connector sleeves inside the round connector are broken
  • Broken main wire inside the golf trolley typical at the fold point
  • Component connectors do not have a good connection

Other faults with power cutting off see golf trolley power problems

No Power in my electric golf trolley

More common problems with electric golf trolleys are;

  • Battery connection broken
  • Connectors in various components come loose
  • Dampness inside the golf trolley
  • Break in the wiring
  • Faulty controls
  • Fault in the handle circuit
  • Faulty controller box

Here are other problems with electric golf trolley power

Golf trolley only goes to full speed when plugged in

A very common problem with an electric golf trolley controller;

  • The controller box (under the battery tray) has broken or partially blown
  • The wrong controller box has been fitted.

To find other common issues with golf trolley controllers

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