common problems with electric golf trolleys

How to Fix Common Problems electric golf trolley

Most golfers find their golf trolley faults over time and here are 5 common problems with electric golf trolleys and how to fix them.

We have solutions to much more complex and common problems with electric golf trolley throughout the website.  Use the search bar top right or below this post or from a category from the list below or sidebar.  If you don’t find the common problem or fault you are looking how to fix then the contact page has my email where you can get free help via email.

My Golf Trolley is going slow

Some of the most common problems for a slow electric golf trolley are:

  • The battery does not have enough charge.
  • Some of the Battery cells are at fault.
  • The inner wheel hubs (clutches) need replaced
  • The axle pins for the wheels are missing
  • The motor has partially burnt out

Electric Golf Trolley Speed Control Intermittent

A common problem with trolley speed intermittent:

  • The speed control switch knob is at fault
  • Speed control knob has been knocked
  • The speeds are inconsistent and jumping around
  • The speed won’t adjust
  • The speed jumps from slow to fast and nothing inbetween

For more detailed problems see speed control switch faults and fixes

Golf trolley keeps cutting off

Common problems for electric golf trolley keeps cutting off are:

  • The battery cable broken
  • Battery connector has water or dampness in it
  • Battery lead connector is dirty or rusty corroded
  • The connector sleeves inside the round connector are broken
  • Broken main wire inside the golf trolley typical at the fold point
  • Component connectors do not have a good connection

Other faults with power cutting off see golf trolley power problems

No Power in my electric golf trolley

More common problems with electric golf trolleys are;

  • Battery connection broken
  • Connectors in various components come loose
  • Dampness inside the golf trolley
  • Break in the wiring
  • Faulty controls
  • Fault in the handle circuit
  • Faulty controller box

Here are other problems with electric golf trolley power

Golf trolley only goes to full speed when plugged in

A very common problem with an electric golf trolley controller;

  • The controller box (under the battery tray) has broken or partially blown
  • The wrong controller box has been fitted.

To find other common issues with golf trolley controllers






66 responses to “How to Fix Common Problems electric golf trolley”

  1. richard.osborn avatar

    My trolley is running fast on one wheel and slow on the other this is pulling to one side,can you tell me what is the problem

    1. Jim avatar

      Most likely it’s needing the wheel clutches replaced. See Wheel clutch CAUTION ALWAYS replace both clutches at the same time to stop stress of imbalance from worn sides!

  2. Ian Everett avatar
    Ian Everett

    Hi, thank you for my replacement Smartcaddy remote control unit. Could you let me know how to synchronise the new control with the cart. (SC301ER).
    Thank you in advance.
    Ian Everett

    1. Jim avatar

      There is a youtube video of a US-type trolley that works something the same. Golf Trolley Remote control synchronization

  3. Anthony Falvey avatar
    Anthony Falvey

    My Pro Rider Golf Trolley goes straight to full speed. I have purchased a new control box a couple of months after purchasing the trolley last year because it completely stopped. Is it as simple as purchasing a new control box or is there anything else I could check .

    1. Jim avatar

      I would check the connections are clean and put some WD40 on them before plugging back together, this keeps the damp away and any spikes in the current which might cause the controller to malfunction. It won’t be the speed control switch if it only goes full speed when plugged in. A new electric golf trolley controller unit is what is needed.

  4. Martin lewis avatar
    Martin lewis

    Hi I have a caddymatic gtx. Control switch Changed as corrosion and power switch would work intermittently. But after changing switch it now works, powers up and changes speed, but only to no4 but it makes a clicking sound and cuts out.

    1. Jim avatar

      Most likely the problem with the golf trolley clicking off at the higher speed levels normally means the power connection/s are not working as well as they should. So start by checking the battery lead connectors are clean.

  5. Peter Young avatar
    Peter Young

    My motocaddy s1 has trouble locking were can I get the parts and what parts would I need??

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry, I don’t supply Motocaddy spares or parts as yet.

  6. Terry Stemp avatar
    Terry Stemp

    Hi, my trolley keeps stuttering then stops and if i push it, it’ll go forward for a bit then start stuttering again. It’s had a new motor and gear box/ axle, plus I’ve checked the wheel clutches, but it still does it. The led on the handle shows up ok. Any ideas?

    1. Jim avatar

      This will be an electrical problem. This could be caused by a few different faults difficult to say what is causing this problem. With the mechanicals ok then: First check the battery and it’s connections, following that a speed control switch malfunctioning can cause this stuttering. Email me and I will try my best to help you with this. See Contact page.

      1. cathal mc hugh avatar
        cathal mc hugh

        It’s the motor ,need to replace it with a new motor ,no good in replacing brushes.

        1. Jim avatar

          Sorry I don’t sell the motors.

  7. Ian Smith avatar

    Hi, I have a Stowamatic GXT. Last few rounds speeds jumping arouns and switching on/off – I could hear it clicking on/off. Have carefully changed speed controller, now speeds appear to work, on/off ok and ‘auto stop’ facility appears to work OK. However, the control panel lights are now not working – none of them. I was very careful not to dislodge.damage anything, don’t think I did, but hey ho! Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks, Ian.

    1. Jim avatar

      I don’t have an order from you , it’s important to know you have support in buying the correct spares. So I will presume you replaced the speed control switch – like my SKU3102. One thing to keep in mind is the main controller unit (under battery tray) and handle circuit are very closely linked and have to be compatible. So it’s very difficult to say without knowing. But first I would make sure all the connector points are ok. Then it’s a case of elimination so I would replace the handle circuit and compatible controller together. This should sort it out.

  8. bart avatar

    I have a bat caddy that powers on but the wheels will not move. Dial will spin with numbers up to nine but not movement. What is the problem. Is it the controller? Thank you.

    1. Jim avatar

      Check the mechanicals first see clutch test.

  9. Jem avatar

    I have an old Powadaddy. It starts well for a hole then really slows down. The battery tests at 12.58v when this happens so not super low. Is there another reason it could slow down? As it starts well I presume it’s not the motor.

    1. Jim avatar

      I get many enquiries regarding Powakaddy but a while back I approached Powakaddy to ask them about a dealership but they declined using the excuse of there are dealers in my area. Unfortunately, their decision forced me into a position where I never dealt with troubleshooting their trolleys and not dealing with spares for Powakaddy. This led to many losses in sales and spares for us. So apologies if I am unable to help you troubleshoot your golf trolley problems as I have no experience with these makes.

      1. jem kunz avatar
        jem kunz

        Totally understand.

  10. Stuart Davis avatar
    Stuart Davis

    i have a stowmatic gxt
    i have replaced the control unit
    and the handle unit and speed control
    but the dials keep going dim and cut out when i increase the speed
    i have connected a small 12v car battery directly to the motor and it works perfectly
    when i connect the trolley battery directly to the motor i turns the wheels very slowly
    the battery is showing 12.85v and is been holding charge for two weeks!!!!

    any help would be great

    cheers Stu

    1. Jim avatar

      With the motor running fine off another battery and slowly off the trolley battery it seems as if the trolley battery is causing the problem. I would think running the trolley off the other 12V battery to see how it performs.

  11. Jay avatar

    I have a Motocaddy M7 remote, was working fine and then had a bump on the course and now it’s lost power. The battery is fine and is not the problem as it works on my friends M7. When I plug in the battery, the main display briefly powers for a split second and then shuts down with no power.

    1. Jim avatar

      Apologies if I am unable to help you troubleshoot your Motocaddy remote golf trolley problem. Possibly in the future I will ask Motocaddy about a dealership but as of this reply, I don’t have their spares.

    2. Alan hamilton avatar
      Alan hamilton

      I have the same problem how did you resolve this please

    3. Alan hamilton avatar
      Alan hamilton

      Jay I have the same problem hiw did you resolve it please

    4. Mick avatar

      Did you ever get to the bottom of this as I have the same issue?


      1. Jim avatar

        I believe the controller unit (under the battery tray) was the cause of this.

  12. Dean Carey avatar
    Dean Carey

    Hi Jim
    I have a Greenhill GT electric trolley which has just stopped working. I have tested the battery and it seems fine. When you turn the power on there just nothing there. Any suggestions?

    1. Jim avatar

      I would replace the battery connection lead, as they tend to corrode and easily lose a GOOD connection.

  13. Pascal CARAZZAI avatar
    Pascal CARAZZAI

    Hi Jim
    I need to replace my 3 tyres, so where I can buy it ?
    Big 2 x wheels : 25cm /7 cm
    1 small wheel : 12 cm /_ 8 cm
    Thanks for your help

  14. Poul Erik Nielsen avatar
    Poul Erik Nielsen

    I have a powerbug pro tour p6 trolly and it works normaly when I start it and no problem with speed control level but when I shall stop it for move I have to tap 3 times on the speed control for to stop it – do you have a solution becausse I am sure that a normaly trolley I only have to tap 1 time for stopping it?

    1. Jim avatar

      The speed control switch is first thing to check or replace as it is easily damaged. Then the handle control micro button is built-in the handle circuit.

  15. peter Ruffle avatar
    peter Ruffle

    I wonder if you could help
    My Stowamatic gxt trolley works fine for couple of holes and then stops.the display shows E2.
    when I switch it off or disconnect from battery it might work for a short time then stops again and the display panel shows E2 again
    Any help to resolve this problem would be much appreciated
    Regards pete

    1. Jim avatar

      The Stowamatic GXT is a single digit display not sure how E2 can show?

  16. david coombs avatar
    david coombs

    Follow up to my comment product code as G5212 but not make. My problem is with my Ben Sayers

    1. Jim avatar

      Disconnect clean spray WD40 and reconnect the connectors. After that wiggle around the wiring in case of a break. Then it’s more likely to be a circuit fault assuming all power is getting through.

  17. Tom avatar

    my motocaddy M7 just stopped, no display. I put a different battery in (from our other M7 cart) and still noting

  18. Steve Tyler-Upfield avatar
    Steve Tyler-Upfield

    Could you advise me please? Being offered a Ben Sayers electric trolley bought in 2019. Advertised as having intermittent power problem. Do you think I’d be able to fix it for a realistic cost.
    Many thanks, Steve

    1. Jim avatar

      There are only a few main components to the trolley, so narrowing it down with the right knowledge can sometimes be fairly easy. The more I know about the problem the easier it is to diagnose

  19. William fordyce avatar
    William fordyce

    my pro rider golf trolley speed indicators are no longer showing on the screen what could be the problem

    1. Jim avatar

      There are two parts of electronics: controller unit under the battery tray and the handle circuit board which in this case seems more likely the fault.

  20. Neil Patterson avatar
    Neil Patterson

    Hi I have a motor caddy S1
    I was changing the battery mid round and pushed the connector on the battery the wrong way round ,I quickly changed it to it proper + to + the motor caddy all lights up but wont go ,is there a reset button or have I done permanent damage.

    thank you

    1. Jim avatar

      I don’t deal with Motocaddy as of writing but I can tell you and sorry to say my guess is by doing this will most likely have blown the box under the battery tray called the controller unit. A replacement just plugs in place. You may need the handle circuit also.

  21. Chris avatar

    I’ve had the M7 just over two years, and in that time it has broken twice with the exact same issue as described above. This was repaired by motocaddy by replacing the control box each time – which once out of warranty will cost £200. Tempted to sell whilst it’s still working and get something else…

  22. jim d avatar
    jim d

    hi i purchased a promaster electric golf trolley in late 2021 /2022 and the the on/ off plastic button kept coming off and subsequenly shorted the control board wet got in . which i contacted the supplier who instucted me to return the trolley by post .which idid. they replaced the control board and returned it but the figures in the window were not complete so contacted them again and they sent out a replacement which i fitted myself[ becauseof the high cost of posting ]which seemed to work fine with the numerals full but now the battery cuts out after 12/14 holes it is supposed to be a 36 hole battery is the battery the problem? i have also ran a lithium battery on this trolley it does 18 holes quite easy without cutting out but i recharge after each round also run golfing mates battery on this trolley and it cuts out the same just wondering if it has blown something else if you could advise many thanks jd

    1. Jim avatar

      I will be short. Check your battery lead connectors especially at the battery tray. Watch you’ve not run the battery too low and damaged it’s capacity, then the battery will only do around 13 holes. Spray WD40 on all connections.

  23. Ray lloyd avatar
    Ray lloyd

    Hi I have a power kaddy freeway 11 keeps cutting out i disconnect battery re connect the battery and it works fine for a while then does the same thing any answers please? Thank you in advance

    1. Jim avatar

      Probable Battery cable connection fault.

  24. Gerry avatar

    Hi, I have a Pro Rider trolley and exactly the same thing happens. I have tested battery leads, the main cable and the speed controller and all appear to be working correctly. What I have discovered is that stopping the drive wheels suddenly does cause a complete shutdown which can be rectified by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. Any suggestions as to cause and solution would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jim avatar

      It’s nearly always the battery connectors at the battery tray round 3pin connection – dirt or loose sleeves or corroded- needs a new battery cable.

  25. Ron Smith avatar
    Ron Smith

    Sir, Powerhouse Freedom T2S electric golf trolley cuts out showing fault code E2. According to powerhouse this is an overheating problem. Fault only occurs on hot sunny days, I have replaced the circuit board as per Powerhouse to no avail. Trolley works great all winter and on cooler days. Can you help?

    Regards Ron S.

    1. Jim avatar

      The question I would put back to the seller is why is it overheating? Trolleys are used in 40C Spain etc. with no problems.

  26. Maureen McKenzie avatar
    Maureen McKenzie

    I have an MGI electric trundler..Unfortunately it ran into the creek and got quite wet, The battery has recharged but when I connect it back to trundler it won’t go, A red b comes up. Have I completely stuffed it. Are you able to give me any help??please!

    1. Jim avatar

      Please see this article. The trouble comes when an electric golf trolley is submerged in water.

  27. Colette Hould avatar
    Colette Hould

    Hi, my pro Ryder trolley only goes at full speed. Switch clicks on and off but makes no difference to speed. I ve fitted a new speed controller but this has made no difference. Can you suggest any solutions?

    1. Jim avatar

      If it’s not the speed control switch then it will be the controller unit situated under the battery tray. There are two types for Pro Rider so check the online store photos to be sure.

  28. John clark avatar
    John clark

    I have a Motocaddy trolley. I haven’t used it for 2 years. I tried to charge the battery. The red light came on and then immediately fused. Before I change the fuse is there something I should do? Thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      Haven’t worked with Motocaddy so I am not sure, sorry. This sounds like a connection fault so first I would clean up or replace the battery lead as a start.

  29. Ron Dick avatar
    Ron Dick

    I have a Ben Sayers electric trolley, I encountered a problem with the trolley stopping after app 200 yards, however when checked all I did was disconnect the battery lead and then reconnect it ! Lo and behold it started working again. This continued throughout the round ie, stop and then restart by disconnection and reconnection, I have replaced All electronic components , however this continues to happen. Is there some sort of overload causing this..? Any help would be appreciated,.

    1. Jim avatar

      It is possible the battery lead connector is dirty of damaged and not getting the current through to the trolley properly. After a bit it overheats gets more resistance and drops the power and shuts down. So may be a new lead see store

  30. Bob Mehalick avatar
    Bob Mehalick

    Hello. I have a problem with the SuperECaddy syncing/pairing. I have tried quite a few remotes without success. On another note, when I power the trolley on I get a red & blue light. I have never had a yellow or green light. I can work it manually for 18 holes, but would like to get the remote to pair. Any ideas?

    1. Jim avatar

      I would first go to their website and ask the companys support page.

  31. M bayliss avatar
    M bayliss

    Hi I have a motor caddy S1 led on and speed control showing but won’t go , tried another battery still the same .

    1. Jim avatar

      I presently don’t work with Motocaddy spares, hopefully that will change soon. Sorry

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