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Pro-Force golf trolley wheel retention

Hi, I have a Pro Force electric trolley and the left wheel retention mechanism has failed. It has a sliding toggle that should be spring loaded but the spring appears to be broken and will no longer lock the wheel to the axle. The wheel retention clip you sell appears to be different to the […]

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Prorider golf trolley battery cable

I’m looking for a bit of advice. I have a Ben Sayers (Pro Rider) golf trolley. The battery is supposed to be 36 holes, however after 1 year I am only getting 18 holes out of the battery. When I put the battery on to charge it goes red straight away and then shortly after […]

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Pro Rider golf trolley jumping but not moving forward smoothly

Many thanks for your reply. I have checked things out and confirm; The speed control switch lights up but even when I turn it it stays on 0 and pulses occasionally it goes on to 1 but still pulses. There is a constant clicking sound which appears to be coming from the S1 controller. The […]

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ProRider golf trolley clutch testing

With this Pro Rider golf trolley the drive shaft is working and responds to the speed control.I can see the drive shaft turning but the wheels do not respond and there is no forward motion.Your advice would be appreciated. I would first check your wheels are secured properly and the axle pins are catching the […]

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Replacing a difficult golf trolley clutch – screws stuck

The right wheel I ordered from you in 2013 has a slipping clutch. I have tried to remove it without success. If you are having a problem in removing the clutch from the wheel, here is my recommendation for helping you remove a difficult wheel clutch. The original clutches from 5 years ago (2013) were […]

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ProRider golf trolley speed control not working

My ProRider golf trolley has a problem with the speed jumping around. The speed control display jumps around stops and then goes to no 7. Does this mean I need a new speed controller, potentiometer or anything else. Please advise which to purchase Thanks your help I have found in previous experience when the Pro […]

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ProForce golf Cart Display Fault

My father-in-law has a pro force golf cart which has developed a problem of showing no power on the display when turned on. the battery is new and fully charged, the code he has is D61846 for the pcb board, is this correct, do you sell replacement boards to match this code, and is it […]

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Golf Trolley not Charging the Battery

Plugging my battery charger in it has never shown a red charging light in it goes straight to the green charged light. The trolley will only go a few holes before it needs pushing. Normally although there are a few circumstances other things can be at fault, but it is usually the connection between the […]

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Golf Trolley Cuts Out

Hi, hope you can help, when I switch power on the led 0 flashes, when the speed controller is turned the main controller clicks as it should but the trolley does not go, the numbers flash and as you turn it up it cuts out, I have changed the speed controller and the battery seems […]

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Speed control jumping around

You will see from the attached correspondence that we have chatted before re my trolley problems. I had the trolley repaired eventually and the problem was that one of the connection wires in the main cable had snapped in the connector socket that went into the controller panel. The guy soldered the wire back together […]

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Golf trolley not moving forward – wheels turn off the ground

I have not used my trolley for 15 months and now it does not seem to have power as it will not go forward under load. If I lift the driving wheels off the ground and increase the speed, the wheels turn and go faster as the speed increases. However, when I place the driving […]

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Golf trolley stops and restarts again

I have a Precision trolley with a T handle. All lights come on. Using the controller, after turning it up, it will go for a bit then stop and restart again, and repeat the sequence. It also happens if I set the speed then just use the on off button. It also starts on its […]

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Trolley lighting up before I press the on button

When battery is fitted to cart all the control panel lights up before I’ve  pressed the on button , but nothing alters when I try to select a speed level trolley won’t move. With the golf trolley lighting up before any on button is pressed, this would suggest the control box or handle circuit has […]

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Motor turns wheels do not move on the ground

My motor responds to the controls when the wheels are off the ground and there is no resistance. when the wheels are grounded a motor/drive gear can be heard spinning but the wheels are not spinning. Suspect the drive gear/ clutch to the underside that is attached to the axle, can this be purchased separately […]

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Electric Golf Trolley Spares

We supply electric golf trolley spares to the public via our support and online sales shop.  You can find many spares for different trolleys.  Having a problem with your trolley, don’t worry, we have a support page which can help determine what is wrong and what spare is needed.  Then also is our support on […]

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Golf Trolley Not Moving

I have fitted the new speed control switch. I press start switch and digital light appears at Zero. When I then operate the starter switch the digital numbers appear but start flashing with very minimal movement of trolley. Can you give me a reason for this please, Thank you in anticipation. On this type of […]

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Electric golf trolley speed control fault

Hi, My Pro Rider golf trolley speed control has stopped working, can you help.  The trolley is switching on the power no faults and the display is showing as normal.  The fault lies when I try to turn the speed of the trolley up or down it won’t work.  The numbers are not moving.  Sometimes […]

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Should Golf Trolley Battery Leads be fused?

Golf Trolley Battery Leads There are only a couple of types of golf trolley battery leads.  Most have two wires negative and positive.  The negative wire is normally covered with a black insulation covering.  The positive wire is mainly a red cover of insulation.  The two wires are then sheathed together with a thin but […]

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Golf trolley not connecting to the wheels

I have this trolley but now the motor works but is not connecting to the wheels. Can you please suggest what I can do to correct this. This sounds like all is working except the trolley is not got any power driving the wheels forward.  Best thing to do is check to see if the […]

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Pro Rider golf trolley speed all over place – stop and go

 My pro rider has not been used for 3 years as it became very unreliable. It would just stop and then go again, the speed reg. was all over the place and it was just unusable. Have now decided to have another go. In your opinion do you think the control box may be the […]

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Information about buying an electric golf trolley

Things to consider when deciding to purchase.

Decide which golf trolley suits you and your golf from manual to electric and whether 18 hole battery or 36 hole battery. Understanding storage; size; erect and folded, weight, ease of use, should always be considered. Although our golf trolleys are very lightweight they are strong with a robust engineering, proven design and materials making them very durable and reliable.

Manual or Electric

Where to store the trolley at home or in car or club Transport – how easy to transport fold away, size, weight etc. What size of electric golf trolley 18 hole 27 hole or 36 hole battery Reliability of golf trolley – mechanically, electrical, strength, quality

Advantages; a manual trolley will help in a significant way to relieving stresses and strains of carry your golf clubs especially a full round of 18 holes or even 36 hole double round. It is easily packed away and takes only slightly less room than the modern golf trolley. There is no need to worry about charging the battery. Disadvantages; although it takes the effort out of carrying your clubs it still does not relieve the tiredness of the normal golf round, it puts less strain on your joints by taking away the weight pressure but you still have to physically pull the golf clubs round the course. Going uphill with a push golf cart is as if not more difficult as carry your clubs. There is no shortcuts when coming to a green or teeing ground, you must not take the trolley manual or electric on to this ground. This is why all our trolleys are designed with a remote distance function allowing you to press the necessary distance button while you make your way to the next teeing ground.

Where to store the trolley at home or in car or club

Storing your trolley is all about space required.

With a manual there is slightly less space required but with nowadays designs there is not much between them. Where ever you store your golf trolley it is important especially in the UK’s climate of dampness, to store it in a dry place. If its an this is particularly important for the electronics built in the modern equipment. Remember the battery storage (see our FAQs for storage on this) always keep the battery charged every month never let it lie for the season to run down over time with out use or charging. The battery should never be allowed to run out EVER!


How easy to transport fold away, size, weight etc.

A consideration is how easily transportable it is. Although the modern designs are becoming better smaller, lighter, more compact, it is important to make sure you can transport your trolley easily and comfortably with room of course for your golf clubs. Weight is an issue if you struggle with an injury or disability as many can be heavy to lift, although our new latest aerospace aluminium grade is as light as some manual trolleys.

What size of battery 18 hole 27 hole or 36 hole battery

How easy to transport fold away, size, weight etc.

Types of electric trolleys tend to come in either 18 hole 27 hole or 36 hole capabilities. Its all to do with the battery and efficiency of the motor and quality and lightness. Many of the battery sizes are 18Ah, 22Ah, 26Ah, 33Ah 36Ah for double motor remote control trolley. Our range comes with a standard size of 22Ah and extended size of 26Ah the maximum 36Ah made in the industry. This ensures it has more than enough power for their task. Lithium Batteries are also a consideration as the life cycles are much longer rather than in the 100s of life cycles it is in the 1000s for lithium batteries.

Reliability of golf trolley

Mechanically, electrical, strength, quality.

One very important aspect is to make sure the product is reliable, strong, quality of standard Many are types of unknown brands and are often cobbled together with poor quality build, no recognised EU or consumer standards CE adhered to in their build and material process. Our brand is designed with a build and material quality we believe superior to all other brands on the market.

Design and features

An important decision when making a golf trolley purchase is to look for the design and features. This can consist of materials e.g. standard on metals used, the general look and aesthetics. Features can be the type size of battery, on/off switch, speed controls, automatic distance function, LED read out panel, Other considerations should be the ease of operation, the ease of assembly or take down, removal how the battery connects, wheels connection and disconnection, does it fit and hold my various golf bags and cart bags

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