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Pro Rider Golf Trolley Clutch Pair: Brilliant service from Scotland to Cornwall many thanks, P C Pengilly 23/09/2022

Speed Controller Switch + Handle Circuit: Just wanted to say having used you before how nice it is to deal with a really helpful outfit. Advice/videos are great. G Hayes 18/08/22

Controller Unit + Circuit + Speed Control Switch: Thanks for getting my control box to me, it is the right one, I’ve even got two more speeds on it. I just wanted to say that I think you provide a service that is brilliant, it would be easy to go out and buy a new one, but my wife bought it for me so it has sentimental value. I have had my trolley about six years, this the first time anything has gone wrong with it, so it doesn’t owe me anything. So once again thank you for a great service. John M 13/07/22

Speed Control: The part arrived today which was fantastic. How do I gain access to fit the new part? (I will forward a video on fitting.). Thank you, all done and working. A fantastic service. Kind regards, Lynne. 22/06/22

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch: Thanks got the new clutch fitted them in minutes thanks to your easy to follow instructions I would recommend your business to everyone thanks. B.D. 06/06/22

Golf Trolley Red Handle: Received my part and after reading the comments was confident that was the problem all fixed and working excellent service thank you.
Thank you. W.W. 09/02/22

Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. Your website is 1st class, easy to navigate and use. From placing my order and receiving my parts was extremely quick and easy to fit and my trolley is back up and running. I’d be happy to provide any recommendations.
Thank you. Taras 12/10/21

Just want to say I’m absolutely delighted with the service, ordered parts on Friday morning and arrived Saturday morning and the parts fixed my trolley perfectly. Ryan
  1. Do not discharge fully battery this will age t its overall capacity and especially if it’s lead acid standard type…

  2. Bought this trolley 6 months ago and the battery now does not last more than 22 holes, when first bought,…

Thank you for the pair of clutches you sent me recently, fitted them this morning and they fit perfectly. Good to extend the life of the trolley a bit, as there is absolutely nothing else wrong with it.

I feel that it’s nice sometimes to let other people know when you find someone who is helpful. Three weeks ago I order some clutches for my golf cart ready for the restart of Golf.

“Good morning Jim. Thanks for all your help as I said ‘ the cart is getting on a bit just like me’
You have been most helpful and very professional, I am very glad to write this review if that would be of any help to your business. I hope we can do business in the future. Thanks again”

“Excellent price and very quick delivery. Communication was first class. Jim was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. His website was the most helpful I have seen. Full of useful information and clear instructions on all possible trolley errors, with solutions. Very highly recommended supplier.

Just want to compliment you on your impeccable service supplying spares on two occasions for my power trolley. All items are very competitively priced. The instructions online are clear and concise. Such prompt dispatch and delivery is rare and to be congratulated Many thanks

“Like to thank Jim for his after-sale service, without his expert advice would have thrown away my old trolley instead of the spare parts I got from Jim and his technical support, I now have a good as new usable golf electric trolley!
Thank you, Jim! “

  • Pro Rider Speed Control Erratic Fault
    Could you please assist me? I have a Pro Rider trolley bought new some years ago which has performed well – ‘T’ handle version. It has started to become erratic, the speed varies and the display numbers flicker between the numbers. I have dismantled the handle which reveals a small rectangular panel c. 6 x … Read more
  • Pro Rider Golf Trolley Not Moving
    I’ve got a pro rider with a new battery fitted. Powers on fine, can hear the controller clicking but no movement in the wheels. Any ideas about what the issue could be? I presume the axle is not turning. So normally when you hear the controller clicking it means the power is switching to the … Read more
  • Stowamatic speed control problem and lake
    My trolley ended up in a lake! It now works perfectly on the auto-advance (10m, 20m etc) but does not work on the switch. I have previously bought a replacement switch from you which fixed  the problem back a while but now after is dropped into the lake the trolley is acting the same.  My … Read more
  • How to Fix Common Problems electric golf trolley
    Most golfers find their golf trolley faults over time and here are 5 common problems with electric golf trolleys and how to fix them. My golf trolley is going slow My speed control is intermittent My electric golf trolley will not power on My electric golf trolley keeps cutting off My trolley goes to full … Read more
  • golf trolley speed is inconsistent
    I have an electric golf trolley that has inconsistent speed.  All is working normally with the exception of the speed problem.  The trolley works well in automatic distance control and switching on and off.  It charges fine and has no other problems.  Can you help my golf trolley with this problem? I think most likely … Read more
  • Golf trolley power intermittent
    I have been given a golf trolley that has intermittent power.  It goes off completely on occasions and  sometimes it can take many tries to get it back on.  Other times the power shuts off and goes back on straighaway.  I recently bought a  golf trolley controller for it off the dealer and the trolley … Read more
  • Golf Trolley No Power
    I thought if I send this through your contact page you may be able to help me with my Ben Sayers golf trolley problem with not power.  I was playing golf over the last weeks and found a few times the trolley power would cut out.  The golf trolley keeps stopping and then needs starting … Read more
  • Offmetrolley battery lead
    My trolly (pro rider look alike from ‘offmetrolley’) has had plenty of hard work for the last 4 years 2 to 3 times a week every week. She started playing up with the speed light becoming intermittent, I believe the battery charge status lights started to play up too, then she died. No display at … Read more
  • Pro Rider golf trolley power cutting off but restarting
    I have read most of your very useful information as I am attempting to mend a good friend’s trolley. From what he tells me it is a ProRider leisure trolley. He bought it second-hand and has been using it, however apparently it has started to sometimes just turn itself off while being used, the dashboard … Read more
  • Battery lead cable connection fault
    Received a new lead for my ProRider golf trolley. Used it a couple of times and unfortunately, the insert in one of the 3 pin socket has become detached and obviously it’s not working. This seems to be a common fault as the original supplied with the trolley from ProRider was exactly the same. They … Read more
  • Controller and Circuits must be Compatible
    One of the most important things to know when changing over any handle circuit or golf trolley controller is they must be compatible with each other.  This should be the first thing to check when replacing any of these components.  If in doubt contact me and I can confirm.  The online store has the controllers … Read more
  • golf trolley battery connector
    My trolley fell over yesterday and the plug into the battery came out, there is visible damage to the plug-in on the wire from the battery. It will still plugin also does arc as I plug it in. The trolley will turn on but will not engage when I press the button for it to … Read more
  • Golf Trolley Running Slow
    Slow Moving – Golf Trolley Running Slow I have acquired a second-hand Prorider golf trolley problem being when going uphill it is very slow but upon reaching the flat full power seems to be restored, I have tried changing the wheels but still get the same response, can you help? There could be a couple … Read more
  • Hillman G7/8 Trooper Golf Trolley Handle
    Can you tell me if the Stowmatic golf trolley handle will fit my Hillman G7/8 Trooper Trolley? I don’t know the Hillman G7 trolley, but I believe all the connectors and the electrics are totally different.   Just to let you know the Stowmatic handle I purchased from you last week does fit the Hillman … Read more
  • Proforce golf trolley no power
    I have a Proforce, I changed the speed control switch a couple of months ago and everything worked ok. Now I get no power at all when I switch it on, one occasion it lit up briefly then nothing. It is not the battery I have tried two different batteries. I have removed the covers … Read more
  • Golf trolley clutch and wheels slipping
    Veers to the Left Good afternoon. I have a pro rider golf trolley. When using the distance modes the trolley veers or pulls off to the left. Are you able to give me any advice on how to rectify this?  Any advice welcome. Normally when the Pro Rider golf trolley veers to the left it … Read more
  • clubbers golf trolley problems and faults
      Hi, I have a Clubbers electric golf trolley, and sounds like the relay has gone or the controller trolley. I’m after a new connector trolley that would fit however can’t seem to find one as one of the cables has 5 pins? Do you have a picture of the pins for the one you … Read more
  • Clubbers golf trolley clutch
    Why is my Clubbers golf trolley pulling to the left? Hello, I’ve got a Clubber golf trolley? Is the nearest trolley compatibility wise is a pro master? My trolley is pulling to the left so I think the clutch system has gone. Maybe you can advise me further regarding compatibility etc. I have a good … Read more
  • ProRider Speed Control Switch
    Possible Fault with the ProRider speed control switch I have a Pro-rider golf trolley that has developed a fault. When engaging the speed wheel the speed fluctuates and the speed display goes through from 5 to 7 then to 4 then to 2 then to 8. When engaging the distance mode i.e. “a,b.c” the trolley … Read more
  • Ben Sayers golf trolley on off button not working
    Q. The button does not stop my Ben Sayers golf cart I have to use the rheostat knob is it a faulty circuit board? the AB button controls the speed ok?  Also the button does not switch the cart off hope you can help? A. This is definitely to do with the button on the … Read more