Golf trolley power intermittent

I have been given a golf trolley that has intermittent power.  It goes off completely on occasions and  sometimes it can take many tries to get it back on.  Other times the power shuts off and goes back on straighaway.  I recently bought a  golf trolley controller for it off the dealer and the trolley still has intermittent power trouble.  Every now and then I might get a light-up or a number show up but it still won’t work consistantly.  Have you any ideas?

It is always best to check with me via the contact page email if you are thinking of purchasing any spares for your trolley and are not sure what may be wrong.  I can at least give you some guidance as to what to check. Other places may just sell the spares and not try to do any diagnosis or troubleshoot the faults in any way for you.   This can be especially difficult when your golf trolley power is intermittent on occasions, where it sometimes powers up and other times the power shuts off for no apparent reason.

So far in your case, this definitely seems like a connection problem.  Now with the golf trolley controller part replaced, this eliminates the controller, assuming you bought the correct model.  I would look at the battery connections and connector, 90% of the time intermittent power is to do with this battery cable connectorI would then look toward the main wire connections. There are a couple of things to look at here:

The connectors themselves haven’t jumped out and are making the connection and make sure you’ve not gone through a wire at the folding point.

For all the wires mentioned it’s difficult to know if there is a break in the connection other than with a test meter to see if the current is getting through and each wire has continuity.  Without a tester, one way to see if there is a faulty wire can be to try wiggling the wires around while depressing the power button trying various wiring locations to see if it powers up.

I hope this helps and let me know how it goes and we can go from there.

Thanks for the reply , after going over this, you were correct the main wire had a break in it and I ordered this from you fitted and all is working.  I did a check by pressing the on button when all cables were connected and found the break by wiggling the wire at the folding point as you suggested.  Many thanks for you support and guidance.  I will come back to you if ever needed.






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  1. Ian Foley avatar
    Ian Foley

    My prorider golf trolley starts and stops.The distance lights are on continuous and speed dial is erratic. Always on maximum to work ok

    1. Jim avatar

      Nearly always erratic speed control is caused by damage to the speed control switch. See store product SKU102

  2. nigel burton avatar
    nigel burton

    i have a problem with the battery connecter fitted to the cart base where you plug in the battery lead. it goes ok for a couple of holes then trips out. i remove and replace the lead and it works but keeps tripping. ive replaced the lead with no joy. the base plug has three connectors but only two are wired up?

    1. Jim avatar

      Make sure the battery lead socket connector on the battery tray is not dirty or damp as sometimes over time these poles can get corroded from dampness. Clean with some WD40.

  3. GEORGE avatar

    JIM ,

    1. Jim avatar

      George, I couldn’t see your order for replacing the controller or switch. This is the first thing I would like to check to make sure you got the correct model of controller. Email me on admin @

  4. TerryScott avatar

    my motocaddy runs only on high speed

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Motocaddy but it may be your controller

    2. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Motocaddy but this may be your controller box.

  5. Paul Smith avatar
    Paul Smith

    PowerBug trolley, jerky operation, have changed Speed controller twice in as many years, works for a short while, now its doing it again. I’ve checked around as much as possible but can’t see anything untoward with wiring. Is it normal to need to replace potentiometer that often? or could it be the battery/controller? or?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Jim avatar

      Paul, I don’t deal with PowerBug they have their own spares list which they deal with themselves. Regards the speed control switches, this is one part of golf trollies that do get knocked a lot due to their protruding position. So yes, they can in some cases often need replacing.

  6. Tony avatar

    I am repairing a PowaKaddy FW7. I have replaced the control board. When I turn it on, I have to depress the switch button and turn the knob to get it to dial the speed. By the way, the switch knob functions properly when inputting the (operating) Code. When it is on and I dial the speed, it stops blinking but the trolly does not move. This unit ha the EBS system. Moving the trolley back and forth, the gear engages but not continuously. I will inspect the wiring cable and see it that helps but is it possible that the gear box is defective, or the gears stripped?

  7. David Barr avatar
    David Barr

    How can i fix my switch it goes of when I turn the controller.. when I turn the controller it will not go.

  8. David Barr avatar

    when I turn the controller it will not go

    1. Jim avatar

      The speed is controlled by the speed control switch. See the articles on speed control switch. If the numbers are not scrolling up and down then this is most likely the component which is at fault.

  9. Steve avatar

    Hi my stomatic trolley runs for 9 to 13 holes then cuts out ,I unplug the battery and plug back in it works for 100 yards and cuts out again any feed back would be appreciated


    1. Jim avatar

      It may be the battery not working correctly after using it for 13 holes not enough power getting through, so it cuts off.

  10. Martin avatar

    My powakaddy freeway will cut out after various amount of holes. The only way it will start is switch it off turn dial down and leave for a moment, then switch it back on and dial it up.
    If that doesn’t work, i need to disconnect the battery and try the same process.

    I also noticed the last day I was out it happened more than usual. Usually it would only happen once half way through a round.

    Also the last day, the control knob turned up at fall speed, was only going half speed.
    When i was disconnecting the battery I noticed the Negative pin on my T-bar cable was hot. My T-Bar cable is new.

    1. Jim avatar

      Definitely sounds like a power connection issue. A good clean of all connection terminals then a good spray of WD40.

  11. Tom avatar

    I have a problem a pro rider golf trolley. Battery charges ok and I have fitted a new battery lead. The trolley powers up ok with all three lights ‘on’. If I run the trolley with no load on the wheels it will run ok. If I then load the wheels by putting them on the ground and letting the wheels run ‘loaded’ ie holding back the trolley to simulate running along the course, the lights go out one by one. The same thing happens on the course. I was wondering if you could point out the next item to replace. I cannot see any problem on the main cable. Thanks.

    1. Jim avatar

      Trolley shuts down under load usually indicates a lack of current. Before looking into components try going around all connections (spray of WD40) try a different battery. After that I would look at controller unit, etc.

      1. Tom avatar

        Thanks for the reply. I have done all you said, checking connections and spraying them. My battery seems to be fully charged and is reading 14 volts across terminals when not connected. When connected and up on a bench I can drive the wheels but after a minute the yellow light goes out then the green light goes out on the handle. It will continue running with the red light only but then all of a sudden it dies, all power off. I can immediately start it up again with fully display on and it will run and die again after a minute or so. Thanks again for your help.

        1. Jim avatar

          Definitely try another battery

  12. Tom avatar

    Hi again,
    I tried a 12 volt power source from a friend of mine and the trolley ran okay so I need a battery. Where is the best place to buy a lithium battery to fit the Pro-rider, I want to change from the lead acid to lithium and its a minefield trying to get one. Pro-rider must be shut down as the phone number doesn’t work.
    Thanks again.

    1. Jim avatar

      Tom, The problem with changing to Lithium is the charger also needs changed as it a different voltage switch-off threshold.

  13. john rees avatar
    john rees

    Hi I’ve got a problem with my hillbilly hi lite trolley power stops intermittently when I tap the motor area in goes again. Tia.

    1. Jim avatar

      John, sounds like the motor magnets inside the motor may have dirt or damaged the contact surface.

  14. Scott Reith avatar
    Scott Reith

    Hi my powercaddy c2 compact has never had a problem battery always last the whole round perfectly. Until the the last 3 rounds where suddenly it had started totally powering down after only a couple holes?? Not being able to get power back to the cart again for the rest of the round. Not even a sign of anything on the display screen. Place battery on charger and it’s charged within 10 mins, so not convinced it’s a battery issue? Is this something you have experienced in the past

    1. Jim avatar

      If the trolley worked after the 10 minute charge, I would look at the battery

  15. Paul burke avatar
    Paul burke

    I have a Powakaddy fw7 gps the last couple of rounds the trolleys has been cutting out after about 4 holes, I’ve have to switch the battery off on the bottom of then it comes back on the battery but then I will happen again but the battery on the trolleys saying full charge cheers

    1. Jim avatar

      At the moment I don’t deal with Powakaddy but I suspect either the battery or more likely a connection to the battery is poor.

  16. Drew avatar

    I have a powakaddy fw3 with a 36 hole battery cartridge type lithium. After almost exactly 17/18 holes the power cuts off completely, I have found a temporary fix, I turn off the isolated switch on the battery, and then turn it back on, and it works fine, but only for 2 yards, I them have to keep repeating the process. The battery has plenty of juice still in it. Is this an isolator switch fault? Or something else?

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry I don’t deal with Powakaddy parts as of writing this , may be soon. I would think its more likely to be a power feed problem. Where a connection somewhere along the line is not allowing all the current to flow through once you demand it.

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