Golf trolley power intermittent

I have been given a golf trolley that has intermittent power.  It goes off completely on occasions and  sometimes it can take many tries to get it back on.  Other times the power shuts off and goes back on straighaway.  I recently bought a  golf trolley controller for it off the dealer and the trolley still has intermittent power trouble.  Every now and then I might get a light-up or a number show up but it still won’t work consistantly.  Have you any ideas?

It is always best to check with me via the contact page email if you are thinking of purchasing any spares for your trolley and are not sure what may be wrong.  I can at least give you some guidance as to what to check. Other places may just sell the spares and not try to do any diagnosis or troubleshoot the faults in any way for you.   This can be especially difficult when your golf trolley power is intermittent on occasions, where it sometimes powers up and other times the power shuts off for no apparent reason.

So far in your case, this definitely seems like a connection problem.  Now with the golf trolley controller part replaced, this eliminates the controller, assuming you bought the correct model.  I would look at the battery connections and connector, 90% of the time intermittent power is to do with this battery cable connectorI would then look toward the main wire connections. There are a couple of things to look at here:

The connectors themselves haven’t jumped out and are making the connection and make sure you’ve not gone through a wire at the folding point.

For all the wires mentioned it’s difficult to know if there is a break in the connection other than with a test meter to see if the current is getting through and each wire has continuity.  Without a tester, one way to see if there is a faulty wire can be to try wiggling the wires around while depressing the power button trying various wiring locations to see if it powers up.

I hope this helps and let me know how it goes and we can go from there.

Thanks for the reply , after going over this, you were correct the main wire had a break in it and I ordered this from you fitted and all is working.  I did a check by pressing the on button when all cables were connected and found the break by wiggling the wire at the folding point as you suggested.  Many thanks for you support and guidance.  I will come back to you if ever needed.

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