Buy a Pro Rider golf trolley battery lead

Pro Rider golf trolleys have been a very popular choice with many golfers.  Therefore keeping the trolley in its best condition is important.  Golf trolley battery lead is one of the spare parts which have a tendency to get damaged through pulls and batteries dropping on them.  The standard T handled original Pro Rider golf […]

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ProRider Golf Trolley Submerged into Water

My wife’s ProRider electric golf trolley sank into a pond and now doesn’t work. I have stripped down and dried. It started to work but speed controller didn’t. The LCD lit but now doesn’t. The sealed silver box seemed dry but when I opened it was wet.  I have the same trolley so can switch […]

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ProRider golf trolley losing all power

I have a pro rider trolley which is less than a year old but I cant find the receipt. The trolley loses all power, nothing on the display.12 volt DC power is present at the S1G controller PCB. I line checked the cable between S1G and display D-64186 which is OK. When it does power […]

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Pro Rider golf trolley speed all over place – stop and go

 My pro rider has not been used for 3 years as it became very unreliable. It would just stop and then go again, the speed reg. was all over the place and it was just unusable. Have now decided to have another go. In your opinion do you think the control box may be the […]

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