ProRider golf trolley losing all power

I have a pro rider trolley which is less than a year old but I cant find the receipt. The trolley loses all power, nothing on the display.12 volt DC power is present at the S1G controller PCB. I line checked the cable between S1G and display D-64186 which is OK. When it does power up, the power up relay clicks and energises and all is OK, then sometimes it won’t power up, relay does not click and there are no lights on the display. If I buy both units from your website will this fix this fault ? Is this a common fault.

It is difficult to say where the fault lies. First it sounds to me like a connection fault.  I would start to check the power supply connections for damage; the 3 pin battery connector lead.   Rather than any component at fault, I would go over all the connectors, check for loose connections, give them a clean and also a spray with some WD40.  Only after that I would start to look at damaged components.

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  1. David Poole avatar
    David Poole

    I have a pro rider trolley that after around 6 holes stops, everything goes off, when I press the on switch it starts working again, does it 6/7 times during a round,Battery fully charged when I start all 3 lights lit up(red,amber green) but around hole14 no lights on .

    1. Jim avatar

      As you go round the course and after stopping the trolley for a minute check the battery lights to see if they are dropping off from all 3 lights in order e.g. say after 3 holes only 2 lights; then down to 2 then 1 red light by say 10 holes, then it starts flashing red after that, then it is the battery which is not holding the capacity of charge. If the lights go out completely and fairly suddenly then I would first check the battery connections and battery leads cable.

  2. patrick byrne avatar
    patrick byrne

    my pro ryder trolley on a recent round in heavy muddy conditions packed up at the last hole showing red at handle i presumed battery drain , this was not the case , connecting the motors direct they ran i suspect the controller is there a cut out of any nature which i am missing .the controller is sirg-8-ys-12v is it repairable if not do you a spare alternative

    1. Jim avatar

      If the battery gets too low the red battery display light will start to flash. So unless at the time the combination of motor overheating and battery drain due to heavy use may have caused the lack in power. This can sometimes cause a cut off. These circumstances (heavy going) can cause a cut off with an electric golf trolley. Test under normal full battery use and if it happens again I would check the connections before looking at a replacement component.

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