Golf Trolley not Charging the Battery

Plugging my battery charger in it has never shown a red charging light in it goes straight to the green charged light. The trolley will only go a few holes before it needs pushing. Normally although there are a few circumstances other things can be at fault, but it is usually the connection between the […]

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Golf Trolley Cuts Out

Hi, hope you can help, when I switch power on the led 0 flashes, when the speed controller is turned the main controller clicks as it should but the trolley does not go, the numbers flash and as you turn it up it cuts out, I have changed the speed controller and the battery seems […]

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Trolley lighting up before I press the on button

When battery is fitted to cart all the control panel lights up before I’ve  pressed the on button , but nothing alters when I try to select a speed level trolley won’t move. With the golf trolley lighting up before any on button is pressed, this would suggest the control box or handle circuit has […]

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Golf Trolley Not Moving

I have fitted the new speed control switch. I press start switch and digital light appears at Zero. When I then operate the starter switch the digital numbers appear but start flashing with very minimal movement of trolley. Can you give me a reason for this please, Thank you in anticipation. On this type of […]

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Should Golf Trolley Battery Leads be fused?

Golf Trolley Battery Leads There are only a couple of types of golf trolley battery leads.  Most have two wires negative and positive.  The negative wire is normally covered with a black insulation covering.  The positive wire is mainly a red cover of insulation.  The two wires are then sheathed together with a thin but […]

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Battery Lead


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Connected the battery lead terminals the wrong way round

Hi, Could you please help me with a problem I have created on my golf trolley.  I connected the battery the wrong way round . It blew the fuse which I replaced but everything is now dead. Clearly I have blown something more.? Is this liable to be the controller and could it have damaged […]

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