battery charger and connections

Hi, my display has red light on only, no other lights on except the display. When I turn speed knob there’s a click but numbers pop up erratically on display then red light stats flashing. The battery is fairly new (18 months and not used very much over that period) and when I try to charge it the green light is on all the time. Can you help?

This seems like a battery lead or connection issue. If the battery is definitely ok, then I would think the battery lead is at fault. I come to this conclusion from the fact of the charger not showing first a RED light when plugged into for charging. The RED light means the charge is getting through to the battery. So it may just need a battery lead, but I would still check the battery.

Thanks for the info, I have managed to spot a loose wire in the charger

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  1. John Christopher Parker

    When my charger is connected to the battery the green light flashes on and off but does not seem to be charging the battery,

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