Handle display unit (PCB)

Electric golf trolley handle display unit There are a few types of handle display units PCBs (Printed Circuit Board), even with the same make and model of electric golf trolley. Stowamatic GXT golf trolley handle display unit The Stowamatic GXT original model handles circuit and display D62145 and D-61337 were triangular and had separate connectors […]

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Water damage to golf trolley circuits

Question—————- I have just got in a Stowamatic trolley which has no power up at all . Tried 2 different batteries and checked power supply at connecting plug all is normal. When the button is pressed there is no sign of any lights or indication on the display. I had this trolley in last week […]

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On off button not working on control display

Jim, it is taking ages to get my trolley to light up when it does it works fine but I cannot turn it off unless I unplug it, the switch on button is very badly worn. if I fit a new circuit board and button do you think it does the trick (circuit board D-64186) […]

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T handle golf trolley circuit board

My wife has a Progolf electric trolley that looks exactly like a Prorider trolley. It has a T-Bar handle with stop//start and distance control buttons but will not work at all. Can you please let me know if the printed circuit board is the same as the Prorider type which you sell Yes this should […]

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Golf trolley stops and restarts again

I have a Precision trolley with a T handle. All lights come on. Using the controller, after turning it up, it will go for a bit then stop and restart again, and repeat the sequence. It also happens if I set the speed then just use the on off button. It also starts on its […]

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