On off button not working on control display

Jim, it is taking ages to get my trolley to light up when it does it works fine but I cannot turn it off unless I unplug it, the switch on button is very badly worn. if I fit a new circuit board and button do you think it does the trick (circuit board D-64186) ? Thank you.

I would check the contact rubber is making contact with the display cover if it is then it could be the micro-switch button built into the handle circuit is a bit faulty. You may need a new circuit right enough.

If you would like to go to the store online parts page and order a SKU109 (circuit with rubber cover D-64186). I will despatch it asap to you.

Jim thank you your reply checked the micro switch it was working fine it was the button not making good contact with the switch sorted it now it is working fine. Thank you again.






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