Water damage to golf trolley circuits

Question—————- I have just got in a Stowamatic trolley which has no power up at all . Tried 2 different batteries and checked power supply at connecting plug all is normal. When the button is pressed there is no sign of any lights or indication on the display. I had this trolley in last week with a similar but intermittent fault and found when I removed the handle the circuit board was wet as the display window was only held on with some tape and the lady said she had been caught in a heavy shower. I dried it all out and it started working again but now it seems to have failed completely. The circuit board is D-64186. Would you think that was the problem. It does sound like the D64186 has gone.

These handle circuits do tend to malfunction if they get damp while in use. It sounds like the damage had probably been done already and was on the brink of going. Most electronic circuits usually fail in the wet not because they can’t get wet, but if a current is running on them while they are wet. They tend to malfunction if the damp is shorting around the board and that is what does the damage. Always a difficult one to protect any circuit like a mobile phone or anything while it is ON or getting it off quickly before the damage is done.  Cleaning the electronic circuit is the first thing to try for a solution.

Other components for checking if the golf trolley has been submerged in water are the speed control switch, controller, connections, connectors.

Examples of water damaged golf trolley handle circuits.

ProForce golf Trolley circuit
Older circuits have cellophane on them to keep it dry.  But water can ingress by a broken button cover. Our new golf trolley handle circuits are rubber sealed now.


Stowamatic Golf Trolley Handle Circuit with water damage.


Example of NEW rubber-sealed circuits

New rubber-sealed circuit
New Stowamatic Circuit sealed rubber.


solution————— Just an update for your info reference the trolley.

I took a close look at the cable connections to the circuit board and the red wire seemed to have a bit of green corrosion on it so I took it out of the holder and cleaned it up. Long story short the trolley is now working better than it has for a long time. Seem to have solved the problem. Thank you once again for your time

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  1. I have a trolley which has up and down buttons for speed control. Do when the trolley is turned on it goes straight down to 0 even when I press up on the keypad. Could this be a button board issue you think?

    1. I do not know your electric golf trolley make but I would say it most likely your speed control is integrated into the handle circuit (PCB). Therefore a new replacement handle circuit could be the solution.

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