My wife has a Progolf electric trolley that looks exactly like a Prorider trolley. It has a T-Bar handle with stop//start and distance control buttons but will not work at all.
Can you please let me know if the printed circuit board is the same as the Prorider type which you sell

Yes this should fit your trolley. Some had different features/functions on the handle control and hence different circuit boards. If your golf trolley has the same functions like lights for battery power, distance buttons, on/off, stop/start then the same circuit will be most likely. It is always possible to check by opening up the the screws in the back of the handle to check the circuit looks the same as in our store photos.

Pro Rider handle circuit

The newer circuits we sell have complete rubber covers now instead of just the rubber contact cap on each micro-switch. The golf trolley T handle circuit board can be purchased online in the store.

T Handle circuit board cover

T Handle circuit board cover

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