T handle golf trolley circuit board

My wife has a Pro golf electric trolley that looks exactly like a Prorider trolley. It has a T-Bar handle with stop//start and distance control buttons but will not work at all.
Can you please let me know if the printed circuit board is the same as the Prorider type which you sell

Yes, this should fit your trolley. Some PCB (handle circuits) had different features/functions on the handle control and hence different circuit boards. If your golf trolley has the same functions like lights for battery power, distance buttons, on/off, stop/start, LED speed numbers then this will be the same circuit that will be most likely have the S1 controller under the battery tray. It is always possible to check the PCB by opening up the screws in the back of the handle to check the golf trolley handle circuit looks the same as in our store photos. The newer circuits we sell have complete rubber covers now instead of just the rubber contact cap on each micro-switch.

The newer circuits we sell have complete rubber covers now instead of just the rubber contact cap on each micro-switch. The golf trolley T handle circuit board can be purchased online in the store.

T Handle circuit board cover

The golf trolley T handle circuit board can be purchased online in the store.

It is important to remember that this PCB is compatible with the S1D… S1G… controller box (situated under the battery tray) . The original S1 controllers were silver in colour the newer 9-speed upgrade replacement is smaller and black in colour, but is totally compatible with all the rectangular circuits described above.


My Pro Rider golf trolley when you press the start button trolley does not engage. All the battery lights come on, the speed switch function works, can you help.

On the standard, T-handled Pro Rider golf trolley the stop/start button works by a micro-switch on the handle circuit board. This makes contact with the underside of the display cover. One way of checking it is to either open up the handle by taking the back off by all the screws, remove the circuit board with four small cross screws holding it in place and then test the button straight from the circuit board. If it still is not working you will need to replace the rectangular handle circuit board. I do have some in stock at present. The Pro Rider golf trolley spares are available on the store page (SKU2105).

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  1. My circuit board is different to the old one. The on off switch is in a different place as the distance switch. How do I get round this please . Thanks

    1. In most cases changing over the circuit board if the exact same is straightforward. If the circuit board is different and the main wire connections the same, then changing over both handle circuit and controller may be needed. With the display buttons in a different location you may have to change the display cover SKU104.

  2. I have a Pro Rider lithium battery trolley. After about 12 holes the electrics cut out. I have to take the plug out and then reinsert it. Electrics come back on for a while, then cut out again.I have noticed that the green light goes off before the cut out happens. It’s not a loose connection because it’s perfectly working until 12 holes. Can you advise me how to overcome this problem please.

    1. Without testing the trolley and components all I could suggest is something to do with the power; either battery or poor connection. If it happens every time and only at the 12th hole, it must be a battery fault.

  3. My Pro Rider electric golf trolley bought in 2018 is not working. When pressed the start and stop button , there is no display. not sure what is wrong . Battery has been fully charged . Kindly advise on how to proceed from here. Urgent.
    Thank you

  4. Xenofon Dimitrakopoulos

    I need a speed controller S1RG 12V 30A CE for a Pro Rider golf trolley .Where can I find it?Regards

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