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If you are looking to purchase a golf trolley spare part without any need for assistance or instructions then please proceed straight to our shop here Golf Trolley Shop. Our shop is set up for easy secure (httpS servers so all your transactions are secured) It is also set up with a buy now button which will take you straight to checkout where you can either set up an account if needed or checkout straight. There is also an option via “Paypal Express Checkout“

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The online shop front has a search facility which if you don’t see the component you are looking for, you will be able to search for it in the shop search bar at the top. Pictures of golf trolley spares have a few different views so as to make you certain you are happy with your choice. There is also a list of makes of different golf trolleys e.g. Stowamatic, Pro Rider, Precision, Pro Master, etc. The descriptions try to describe each section making it as clear as possible. Along with the descriptions are an easy quick guide to fitting. Of course a fuller description can be found on our support help pages.

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What spare parts do I need?

Knowing what to purchase is really down to know what the fault is in the golf trolley. Some faults can be easily diagnosed and some are more tricky to figure out what has malfunctioned on the trolley. For the average handy golfer we have made it as easy as possible to remedy your malfunction. For example; The battery connection is broken, it may have been accidentally stood on and crushed. Therefore it is easy enough to go straight to the shop and purchase a golf trolley battery lead. When it comes to something like the golf trolley powers up and the lights come on, but there is no movement forward, it could be a wheel clutch. All spares and parts have various articles written on them for example If you suspect a faulty rotary switch control then see a speed control switch. If you think a golf trolley clutch is faulty see the part in detail. Or a golf trolley battery lead and which faults happen to a battery lead. As for fitting and diagnosing then it is recommended to be going to our support help pages and browse the various faults along the same topic.

Golfers Looking to Fix your golf trolley easy and save money?

Easy fixes for each component part

Don’t ever think you have to shell out on a new golf trolley without browsing our easy to fix golf trolley spare parts. We have most instructions for all PARTS and SPARES we supply including videos, various help by blog, customer experience, and PDFs sheets, etc. All our components are easily fixed by your average handy golfers.

Save Money by fitting spare parts – Your Golf Trolley will last for years!

Most trolleys will last for years if maintained and replacement parts are sourced and fitted.  We have all the components you need to get your golf trolley back on the fairway.  We not only supply the most common quality spare parts but a complete website of support articles, how to’s, FAQs, Videos, customer experiences to help you get your golf cart back on the golf course easy and cheaply.

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Outline of various golf trolley spare parts for sale.

There are various components which you can buy for your golf trolley. Below are the most common spares which tend to need replaced, either due to accidentally breaking, defective, lack of maintenance or simply worn. These are listed below in a particular order for ease of fitting. Also listed on with each is the rating out of 5 for the difficulty of fitting, this involves removing the original part and fitting the new spare part in its place.

Golf Trolley Battery Lead

(1/5 Easy)

The golf trolley battery lead is used as a connector from the battery to the golf trolley system. They are easily broken, by pulling the battery plug off the trolley and at the same time forgetting to un-plug the battery. This action is not uncommon and can pull the connection of the lead at the battery terminals. This tends to break the small black 3 pin plug connector at the plastic housing. Another common way of breaking the golf trolley battery lead is accidentally breaking the 3 pin plastic connector plug by placing the battery on top of it when putting it on the ground. With the weight of the golf trolley battery being anywhere between 4kg to 9kg and the motion of it can crack the battery plug.

Display Panel

(1/5 Easy)

This part is used to cover the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and allows to be used as the tops of the micro switches on the circuit board via a small plastic button cap. The display panel very rarely gets broken; it is more likely to just get worn over time with use, especially at the stop/start button.

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch

(2/5 Fairly Easy)

Golf trolley clutches work by allowing the drive from the motor to be transmitted into the wheel and come in left and right specific parts dedicated to each golf trolley wheel. The Clutches can be broken but are more likely to be worn out rather than broken. A golf trolley clutch will wear faster on uneven surfaces or in dusty and dirty conditions with the dirt getting in over time to the spring mechanisms inside the clutch housing. The do break with severe knocks or kerbs but this is more rare to have a clutch failure under those circumstances.

Speed Control Switch

(2/5 Fairly Easy)

The speed controller switch regulates the final up-scaled voltage in the controller to give out a certain motor speed. The higher the current the faster the motor turns. The speed control switch tends to be easily broken by accident, this tends to happen when packing away i.e. Placing the folded up golf trolley in the boot of the car and it accidentally hits something at the point of the speed control switch. It can often go unnoticed at the time and not until the next time the golf trolley is used that it is found to either not function at all or more likely get erratic in its function. Missing speeds or not smoothly going up the numbers.

Golf Trolley Controller

(2/5 Fairly Easy)

Controller in an electric golf trolley works several tasks;

  • To step up the voltage and acts as a relay for the motor.
  • To govern the current for the motor speed.
  • Golf trolley controller can be a difficult part to determine failure and where and why it happens. The golf trolley control box works almost like a step relay so as to allow the small switches in the display PCB to upscale the 12 Volt current (Amperes) for the motor to function.

Display PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

(2/5 Fairly Easy)

Handle circuit board is for controlling the main functions of the trolley by the user. If the handle circuit board stops working it is more likely to be a malfunction in the circuit than any wear or tear, although there a couple of ways for the PCB handle circuit to break. The small micro switches are the only mechanical part or the circuit board and the small switch on the board can dislodge or stop working correctly.

Golf Trolley Main Wires

(4/5 Tricky)

Main golf trolley wiring is rarely worn out and any malfunction tends to be accidental. This can happen more often than not from closing folding up the golf trolley and catching these main wires causing a fracture inside the wiring. So its not always easy to find the break without specialist equipment.

Which Golf Trolleys will the parts and spares fit.

Here are a few main brands the spares and parts are suitable for listed below;

  • Pro Rider
  • Stowamatic
  • Precision
  • Many Others

Pro Rider Spare Parts

  • Battery Lead
  • Clutches
  • Switch (speed control switch and 30mm knob)
  • Display handle panel (sticky backed)
  • Handle Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Controller box
  • Main wiring
  • Wheel caps (hub caps)
  • Wheel retention clips
  • 4mm roll pins for the axle to wheel connection.
  • Elastic upper golf bag straps

Stowamatic Spare Parts

  • Battery Lead
  • Clutches
  • Switch (speed control switch and 25mm knob)
  • Handle Circuit Board (GXT Stowamatic model)
  • Controller box (GXT Stowamatic model)
  • Wheel caps (hub caps)
  • 4mm roll pins for the axle to wheel connection.
  • Elastic upper golf bag straps

Precision Spare Parts

  • Battery Lead
  • Clutches
  • Switch (speed control switch and 30mm knob)
  • Display handle panel (sticky backed)
  • Handle Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Controller box
  • Main wiring
  • Wheel caps (hub caps)
  • Wheel retention clips
  • 4mm roll pins for the axle to wheel connection.
  • Elastic upper golf bag straps

Proforce Spare Parts

  • Battery Lead
  • Clutches
  • Switch (speed control switch and 30mm knob)
  • Display handle panel (sticky backed)
  • Handle Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Controller box
  • Main wiring
  • Wheel caps (hub caps)
  • Wheel retention clips
  • 4mm roll pins for the axle to wheel connection.
  • Elastic upper golf bag straps

How to Replace an Original Golf Trolley Clutch

Golf Trolley Clutch Information

Found on our support pages

Original video from 2007 of a basic wheel clutch removal and replacement. The newer style clutches are more advanced and slightly different in appearance, but do the same job with more reliable seal. This is to stop dirt and water ingress causing the mechanism to fail by either sticking or prematurely wearing out.

The original wheels were around 10 inches in diameter and three spokes. Some were difficult to remove the cross head screws and would burr easily due to the time and elements they had been exposed to over the years of use. Occasionally the screws were replaced with Allen bolts which did not damage on removal or replacement.


check list for maintaining batteries

Golf trolley batteries

Comparing batteries

First thing to look for when comparing batteries for golf trolleys are:
Many companies claim 36 hole golf trolleys – this means nothing! What you should be looking for is the capacity of the golf trolley battery i.e. Ah . normally a 18-27 hole golf trolley will be around 22Ah and 36 hole trolleys battery around 33Ah to 36Ah capacity. The D.O.D. in and the cycle rating.

Help and Frequently Asked Questions Golf Trolley Batteries

For full support for your battery see below our tips and support for keeping your battery in best used condition. CAUTION for battery charging – Remember never run the battery fully down and out. This will damage the battery by killing off the cells within the battery, the battery will then have only around 30% of its original capacity.

Deep discharge

We recommend not discharging your electric golf trolley battery down too far, i.e. to charge as soon as possible after each use, the less is discharged the longer the life of the battery. It is noted this will damaged the battery by running the golf trolleys down and out! (and void your warranty). When then going back to recharging the battery it will not take the full capacity it was designed for and in some cases can half the capacity or often worse.

Understanding Golf Trolley Batteries

Understanding the workings of certain types of battery will help you give your golf trolley battery a longer life. Here are a few points which will help in this.

Battery Maintenance



The golden rule is with lead acid batteries; the less the capacity drops with each use, the longer the life of the battery – like topping up your petrol tank after each use and don’t let it go below a quarter tank. (written from 2004)


Charge you battery fully especially when its new, make sure it is charged before using it. the manufacturer always charges the batteries before leaving the factory but the battery can discharge itself over time at about 40% a year.


Run your battery more than its recommended for e.g. 18 hole battery keep to around 18 holes if you can. Our batteries are of the best quality and more than adequate for the job we have upgraded all our golf trolley batteries as standard equipment i.e. our 18 hole battery is 26Ah and a top quality manufacturer also!.


If laying up your Electric trolley for the winter, keep your battery in a warm dry (to stop corrosion on the electrodes) place. Always give it a charge every couple of months, to make sure your battery is not run out of power.


let it get frosted by lying in the hut cold over the winter months. OR let your battery fully discharge as running it down below 10% will cause irreparable damage to the battery. This means when trying to recharge, it wont be able to take the full capacity it is designed for and may be as much as 60% loss of capacity in Ah. due to a full run down discharge.


Charge your battery after use and after every time the battery is used whether only for a few holes or not. A battery’s life span will be increased b y at least twice if only discharged to 50% or less compared to discharged to 75% or more. So always keep your battery charged to full before you use it.


forget to charge your battery after every use. A battery run down lower will lose the amount of re-charge cycles left in its lifetime.

PDF specifications for 36Ah battery

PDF specifications for 26Ah battery

Quality of Assistance for Spares

OUR BUSINESS - for help, instructions, videos, etc. - GREAT PRICES, SAVE MONEY!
Trolley Workshop - Labour, full price parts, dropping off, etc.
Golf Trolley Supplier - Expensive, want to sell you a new trolley.
Golf Trolley Sales outlet. As above or send you to a workshop

What Components Make an Electric Golf Trolley


Frame section is very robust designed to take any size or golf bag up to full tour cart bag. The aerospace grade aluminium alloy frame has not only striking looks (turning heads all over the golf course) but is very strong and stable on the course. The easy build system can be seen below and is very light and compact for storing. The wheels can detach to take even less space, although if storing in the trolley transport bag we recommend keeping the wheels on so as not to damage the trolley transport bag with the axle ends.

Electrical components

Top quality second to none electrical and electronic components were designed and manufactured for our Precision golf trolleys. Our top quality control box is located underneath the battery storage tray and is totally modular for easy access.


Batteries come in various power sizes and connected by a golf trolley battery lead. Normally electric golf trolley batteries are around 17 to 21Ah for the normal usage of one round or 18 holes of golf. Some suppliers have 28Ah batteries as their larger extended battery capable of 2 rounds or 36 holes of normal average golf. Our batteries come in for normal size at 26Ah. The 26Ah battery has been tested to well over 36 holes before showing a low reading on the battery LED display monitor. (WE RECOMMEND NOT TO RUN THE BATTERY AT THIS LOW LEVEL AS THIS WILL TAKE THE CHARGE IN THE BATTERY BELOW THE RECOMMENDED LOWER CHARGE LIMIT – POSSIBLY DAMAGING THE BATTERY CAPACITY SEVERELY!) As all our products are of top quality we specified this capacity of battery for our average normal use one round 18 hole electric trolley. Our extended battery is 33Ah instead of the usual 28 Ah battery sold by many of our competitors. We believe in a top specification for all our electric golf trolley products and components. We could specify cheaper, less power like many of our competitors but our goal was to have the best golf trolley on the market.


Top quality wide based wheels not only are very attractive but perform to a green keepers delight by spreading any weight of your clubs and electric golf trolley over a wide tread wheel. our wheels are designed to be totally functional for grip and weight distribution keeping the golf trolley steady on the course in most situations. Easily removed if needed.


The general design of our trolley is specific ergonomically engineered to work with golfers and their needs on the course.

Digital Display

What makes our golf trolleys different is the attention to details which are designed for the golfer. our digital display is a multi functional display which can inform the user of the battery condition and state of charge, the LED read out display is capable of showing speed control, distance control and functions. The Precision models have a distance function which you can make use of at the side of the the green, tee or elsewhere. This instructs the golf trolley to auto remotely travel 10, 20 or 30 metres then stop.

History and Rules

Rules on Professional Competitions

Using a golf cart is allowed as long as the golf course has no restrictions on them. All amateurs and most professional golfers the only exception is in the top level tour players, in the European Tour, Senior Tours, USA PGA tours See using a Golf Trolley R&A


For the UK golfers the electric golf trolley was supposedly introduced around the early 80s by Powakaddy . These first models struggled for reliability due to the conditions a trolley has to cope with. From dirty conditions, hills, battery and electrical components, weather and lets not forget bad tempered golfers. The golf buggy or cart as known in the USA was introduced early in the 1930s but never really took off until the mid to late 1950s and first used for the elderly and disabled golfers. By the 1960s in the USA golf carts became widely accepted for the average golf club and player. As regards professional competitions the USGA rules for using golf carts are the same

Golf Trolley Accessories

Score Card Holder

One of the most popular trolley accessories around. In fact so popular that many golf trolley makes sell their trolleys with this accessory free of charge. A valuable item while on the golf course especially when playing competitions as it not only keeps your card in front of you but usually keeps it dry. Many come with a cover and pencil holder molded into them.

Umbrella Holder

Second most popular accessory, When needed an umbrella holder can become very important in help with keeping you dry while arranging your clubs towel etc. as the rain pours down leaving your hands free to deal with things and keeping you dry.

Rain Cover

Popular accessory, when its raining. Keeps the whole bag dry including golf towels etc. Stops the rain getting through the bag acts as a guard to the bag itself.

Electric Golf Trolley Winter Wheels

Winter wheels tend to be great for protecting the golf course. In fact many courses will only allow golf trolleys on the golf course if winter hedgehog type wheels are fitted. The design is to stop the wheels skidding and rubbing the grass away to mud in the wet non grass growing seasons.

Drinks and cup holder

Not a popular accessory but can be handy on very warm summer days although preferably the drink is inside the bag out of the sunlight staying lightly cooler.

Hand warmers

Very rare accessory is the attached hand warmers. These are cosy fleece lined flaps the materials are wind proof an water repellent on the outside and attached to the grip of your trolley.

Golf Trolley Carry Bag

The carry bag is ideal for putting your trolley into for storage and especially in the winter keeping your car boot from getting muddy or dirty with grass and debris from the trolley wheels.

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