how to fit the main wire to golf trolley

What are the golf trolley main wires for and how do they work

The basic reason in layman’s terms for a golf trolley main wire is.  The wiring is there to provide the connection between the handle display circuit controls and the controller box normally located under the battery tray. The battery current goes to the golf trolley controller box and is reduced in voltage so as the current can go to the handle circuit board (PCB) without overloading a small circuit. These very small wires are usually around 6 in number. The colour sequence is shown in the photo and with the white connector metal spring plates up and the location grooves down on the white PCB connector the colours from left to right described. The handle PCB then delivers the golfers controlled instructions back down the wiring to the control box telling the control box to relay the correct amount or 12volt current to the motor for the set and desired golfers speed required.



Fitting the wiring can be slightly tricky, the following is one way I have found and put together to try to help.

The wire runs through from the control box connector (under the battery tray) through a hole/s (rubber grommets need to be taken away) in the frame of the side of the lower bars and then through the tubing to behind the front wheel out then fed up to the handle.

For fitting the main wire, please make sure you loosely/GENTLY wrap the bare wires some behind the others to try to make a cone-shaped point first so as to thread through the trolley from the control box side then through the bottom spar toward the front wheel uses a large head flat screwdriver or similar to catch the wire being fed to the front wheel (by blocking off the left bottom spar) then up to the top handle. Once the main wire is up at the handle top ONLY then should the wires be clicked into the white connector for connection to the handle PCB. (check the correct place for each coloured wire in the white connector)

Pull out the rubber grommets in the frame at the bottom spar as it will fit better through the trolley, don’t worry about replacing these it will be fine, they are there for regulation tests.

main wire connectors
main wire connectors


Wiring Sequence for handle PCB white connector

This is an older picture so please NOTE YOUR OWN TROLLEY FIRST for the ORIGINAL SEQUENCE of WIRING  

Main golf trolley wire colours
Main wire sequence


(Original wiring sequence started with Purple, yellow, green, black, pink, red but the NEW WIRE COLOURS are in order starting from ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK, WHITE, RED.   This is where the Purple colour wire is replaced with the Orange colour.  The Pink colour wire is now replaced with white.

Golf trolley main wiring
ORIGINAL Wire Colour Sequence. The photo shows both original ends.




main wire colour sequences
Purple is now replaced with ORANGE – Pink is now WHITE

golf trolley wiring sequence






17 responses to “how to fit the main wire to golf trolley”

  1. Terry bucnell avatar
    Terry bucnell

    The wires have come out of the Phcb connector how can I refit them

    1. Jim avatar


      With the main wiring, each wire has a small metal spring connector which fits into the white 6-way Molex-style PCB connector. These should hold in place by way of a tiny metal sprung lever.

  2. steve rooney avatar
    steve rooney

    i have a ben sawyer pro rider with t bar handle.
    recently it stopped working, no lights came on etc.
    i removed the handle and found one of the wires to the 6-way molex style pcb connector had broken. i removed the connector and reconnected the wire (that corrected the fault ok). however the tiny metal connector was difficult to get out and then difficult to reinsert once i had repaired the cable.
    do you have the small metal spring connectors so i could put a new one in as the connection is still not perfect.

    1. Jim avatar

      Hi, Steve,

      Sorry, I don’t have the small metal connection sleeves as individual. These only come attached and as part of the main wire. This main cable is a 6 wire with a terminal Molex type connector.

  3. Andy Swift avatar
    Andy Swift

    Thanks,received replacement main wire !

    Slight problem, my original cable did not have a yellow cable, but an orange where yellow should be?

    You say that orange now replaces purple! Is this lilely to cause an issue?

    1. Jim avatar

      Cable wire colours can vary slightly around different golf trolleys but as long as the wires go into the correct order. 1st to 1st place; 2nd to 2nd place. The colours are only a way of guiding you.

      1. Andy Swift avatar
        Andy Swift

        Thank you, thats saved a few hundred quid!!

  4. John Moore avatar
    John Moore

    My 2nd hand turbo golf buggy aviator socket ( part requiring separation to dismantle rear and front buggy) was damaged, unfortunately the cable was pulled out of fixed male part that comes from controller and I amnot sure of the order to reconnect. The female side wiring is. 2.yellow and 4 green. The male side disconnected colours are black, yellow, orange and white. I would be grateful if you could tell me how I should connect which wire to 1,2,,3 and 4 in proper sequence,
    Thanks. John Moore .

  5. Paul Malpass avatar
    Paul Malpass

    Just changed the cable on a pro-rider trolley and it was fairly easy. I tied a piece of string to the old cable as i pulled it out. I guess they all perish on the major trolley fold. Then taped it to the end of the new cable. I used the string to gently pull it through.

    The only fiddly bit is getting the wires into the connector. But it just needed some gentle trial and error to get them in the right way round.

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes, it can be a fiddly job.

  6. John avatar

    Hi I have trolley with the old wiring, purple, orange, green, black, pink, red. I have got a new circuit board to put into the T handle, but on fitting the the new board I get nothing. The white connectors fit well but no power to board. The circuit board and trolley are pro rider but waslin golf was the supplier years ago. Will I have to swap out the wiring? Or can the wires be cut and swapped over?

    1. Jim avatar

      I trying to check the circuit board and checked orders but couldn’t find any circuit board order from you. Where was it you got the new circuit board as this can be an issue.

  7. John l avatar

    I have a precision golf trolly and need a new main cable and a connection both ends. the one end white

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes, I have the main wire cable here which runs through the golf trolley with the white connector, comes with some instructions.

  8. Brian avatar

    I have a main cable (Wiring loom) for a pro rider+ trolley. A friend has a pro master+. I don’t suppose you know if the cables are interchangeable?
    Both trolleys look very similar but I know that probably means nothing.

    1. Jim avatar

      If your trolley has the same control panel on the top of the trolley, it will almost guarantee the store’s main cable is virtually the same with the 6 way white connector block.

      1. Brian Myles avatar
        Brian Myles

        Thanks Jim. Your advice was correct and the new loom works fine in the promaster plus trolley.
        I have just placed an order for the speed controller too.

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