What are the golf trolley main wires for and how do they work

The basic reason in layman’s terms for a golf trolley main wire is the wiring is there to provide the connection between the handle display circuit controls and the controller box normally located under the battery tray. The battery current goes to the golf trolley controller box and is reduced in voltage so as the current can go to the handle circuit board (PCB) without overloading a small circuit. These very small wires are usually of around 6 in number. The colour sequence is shown in the photo and with the white connector metal spring plates up and the location grooves down on the white PCB connector the colours from left to right described. The handle PCB then delivers the golfers controlled instructions back down the wiring to the control box telling the control box to relay the correct amount or 12volt current to the motor for the set and desired golfers speed required.



Fitting the wiring can be slightly tricky, the following is one way I have found and put together to try to help.

The wire runs through from the control box connector (under the battery tray) through a hole/s (rubber grommets need to be taken away) in the frame of the side of the lower bars and then through the tubing to behind the front wheel out then fed up to the handle.

For fitting the main wire, please make sure you loosely/GENTLY wrap the bare wires some behind the others to try to make a cone-shaped point first so as to thread through the trolley from the control box side then through the bottom spar toward the front wheel uses a large head flat screwdriver or similar to catch the wire being fed to the front wheel (by blocking off the left bottom spar) then up to the top handle. Once the main wire is up at the handle top ONLY then should the wires be clicked into the white connector for connection to the handle PCB. (check the correct place for each coloured wire in the white connector)

Pull out the rubber grommets in the frame at the bottom spar as it will fit better through the trolley, don’t worry about replacing these it will be fine, they are there for regulation tests.

main wire connectors

main wire connectors


Wiring Sequence for handle PCB white connector

This is an older picture so please NOTE YOUR OWN TROLLEY FIRST for the ORIGINAL SEQUENCE of WIRING  

Main golf trolley wire colours

Main wire sequence


(Original wiring sequence started with Purple, yellow, green, black, pink, red but the NEW WIRE COLOURS are in order starting from ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK, WHITE, RED.   This is where the Purple colour wire is replaced with the Orange colour.  The Pink colour wire is now replaced with white.

Golf trolley main wiring Colour sequence of older colours

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