Handle display unit (PCB)

Electric golf trolley handle display unit

There are a few types of handle display units PCBs (Printed Circuit Board), even with the same make and model of electric golf trolley.

Stowamatic GXT golf trolley handle display unit

The Stowamatic GXT original model handles circuit and display D62145 and D-61337 were triangular and had separate connectors built-in with separate wires going to the stop/go/on/off button.

gtx speed switch in handle
GXT circuit D61337 inside the handle
D62145 circuit display
D62145 circuit display

The subsequent models were upgraded to the D64186 all-in-one circuit display control circuit with full rubber cover.

New Stowamatic Circuit

ProRider handle display units

Original T handle model

The Pro Rider Golf trolley original T handle had the rectangular display circuit as shown in the photo.  It had the small rubber contact caps over the micro-switch buttons which made contact with the handle display cover.

The more recent upgrades have the same circuit but with a complete rubber cover which acts in two ways: replacing the caps for display contact and making the whole display circuit more resistant to dampness.

T Handle circuit board cover
T Handle circuit board cover

Newer Winged T handle model

The Pro Rider newer model T shaped coloured handle has the D64186 printed circuit boards fitted.  This has the full rubber cover and micro-switch buttons built-in.  Held in place by four small screws, it is connected to the golf trolley main wire by way of a white connector.

Ben Sayers Original T handle display unit

As with the Pro Rider electric golf trolley, the Ben Sayers make of original T shape has the rectangular PCB

Pro Force Golf trolley display and circuit

Original T handle model

As with the Pro Rider electric golf trolley, the Proforce make of original T shape has the rectangular PCB

Newer Winged T handle model

As above with the Pro Rider, it has the newer style circuit D64186.






6 responses to “Handle display unit (PCB)”

  1. mr k hamnett avatar
    mr k hamnett

    I have a linden trolly and need a new display unit it has a 5 wire feed there are two switches and the potentiometer attached to the unit

    1. Jim avatar

      I don’t think any of the spares will fit your electric golf trolley. Have a look at the store items.

  2. John avatar

    Is there a replacement p.c.n available for dramatic trolley? Details on card are MODELc_6152_0. VERsA. Date20/10/01 thanks

    1. Jim avatar

      Don’t have the specific handle circuit but depending on the connector and wiring connections you may be able to change the controller to suit a new handle circuit board. You can email contact page address with your wire / connector etc. I can let you know what may be possible from there.

  3. Ray Holloway avatar
    Ray Holloway

    Can you replace a d62145 PCB with a d64186

    1. Jim avatar

      Ray, I know the circuit type D-62145. Starting with the controller type S3D-G-USB-12V-22A , it must have the circuit D-62145 or D-61337 BUT sometimes the trolley can have a controller S1G-T2D3… then this circuit D64186 will work. As long as you can fit in the handle if not then a new handle (includes circuit etc.) would be required. Hope this helps.

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