Pro Rider golf trolley jumping but not moving forward smoothly

Many thanks for your reply. I have checked things out and confirm;

The speed control switch lights up but even when I turn it it stays on 0 and pulses occasionally it goes on to 1 but still pulses. There is a constant clicking sound which appears to be coming from the S1 controller.

The battery appears to charge up o.k.

I had used the trolley and stored it away but it did not function the next time I took it out.

I trust this helps you to diagnose the fault and I can get it sorted.

This seems to me like a connection is very poor somewhere along the line. It might have to be a process of elimination. The clicking sound is the controller trying to get the power stepping up to ask for the higher current to get delivered to the motor.

I would start at the power source i.e. the battery and then the golf trolley battery connection lead. You don’t happen to know anyone with a spare battery you could try.

LED circuit display staying on 0 when turning the speed control is a strange thing. With a working switch then this might? indicate, something wrong at the circuit. I would first disconnect the motor plug from the controller box and see if you can get the LED numbers to go up as normal. This takes the higher current demand out the circuit.






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