Ben Sayers Golf trolley speed fault

Controller clicks when controller knob is turned, does not run until knob gets to No 5 but only very slow. Same on ABC dist control only runs slow.
Checked all connections , tried with TWO fully charged batteries still same faults .
Could you advise , checking your site it seems like faulty control box under trolley checked all connections seem ok.

Thinking about what you have said, I would have checked the battery first. Since this is OK I would look toward the motor itself.

As before i turn control knob on and hear a click on no 1 ,nothing till number 6 then the wheels turn very slowly fr only a short time then it stops.
When i try again straight away i get nothing,could you think about it and advise where i can go from here ???
Tee Ben Sayers golf trolley was purchased 2017 it has done very little work as the courses due to wet weather have been carry bags only for months.
It seems strange the trolley looks like brand new, I have had a good check around all connections and both my batteries are fully charged and ok.
Would appreciate your help

BUT FIRST – if it is possible for you to do, I would check to see if how the current is coming out the wires on the controller at the motor connection wires. see photo. as you adjust the speed knob up and down. This would then take it toward the upstream components of electrics being at fault as long i.e. speed knob, etc.  Also, try all the connections are not dirty or try some WD40 etc.   See the Ben Sayers golf trolley spares page and also speed faults.

As a final go ,i took off the main battery lead from trolley to the controller box ,gave it a good clean and finish with WD40 ,  PUT IT BACK ON AND THE TROLLEY WORKED FINE.
I am playing golf on Tuesday will let you know how its gone the trolley that is.  Thanks for your help and patience.

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  1. I have a speed problem with my Ben Sayer electric trolley. Wheels turn slowly on all speeds. Trolley is only 7 months old and has not been used for the December for obvious reasons. Battery fully charged and all connects checked, and all fully insulated and clean. Any further checks to be carried out.
    Regards Rowland Baker

    1. If the trolley is working through the whole of round of 18 holes then 90% of cases the battery should be OK. If it is the same speed no matter what number the speed control is turned to then it will most likely be a fault in the controller. If generally slow with each speed but does get faster with each increment then it may be the motor, that’s if nothing else is obstructing the power to the wheels. Let me know how you get on and email me through the contact page if you are still having issues.

  2. Purchased almost a year ago. Yes! speed dial very temperamental on these trolleys.
    I am now having trouble with connecting the battery to the trolley, fitment just won’t go in!
    Had to ask the pro to do it for me yesterday, and he struggled. I am being sent a new battery cable now to see if that is the problem. Already had a replacement charger! So fed up with it all.

  3. Lawrence Simmons

    My Ben Sayer cart will only go on set distance settings but then only at crawling speed. The 1 – 9 wheel only reads 1, 2 or 0 and doesn’t result in propulsion. Checked everything and had it all to bits but no joy. Should have bought a Powakaddy.

      1. Jim
        Many thanks for all you help regarding my faulty. trolley.
        I took your advice and change the potentiometer everything fine.
        Once again many thanks.
        Highly Recommend your service.

  4. Charlie crozier

    Hi , may trolly was going fine then it started going down the speeds every time i used it. Wouldn’t go by 8 then 7 and so on now it wont go past 4 ,

    Battery is sound ??

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