Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Spares

Many Spares for the Ben Sayers models of electric golf trolley.  From the old original to the new models.

Ben Sayers golf trolley white

Ben Sayers Battery Lead

Easily ordered a new battery lead cable for the Ben Sayers electric trolley.  This battery cable comes with a round connector with 3 pins this then fits into the connection in the battery tray socket.  Faults for this component can be checked on this website search battery lead faults.  Replacement and fixes for this cable are easily fitted to the battery poles by way of a cross screw.

Ben Sayers Battery Lead

Speed Control Switch (potentiometer)

The speed control switch is a common spare part to get damaged.  This happens when the switch stem gets a knock and causes the connection within the switch to malfunction.  Easily diagnosed with some previous faults listed with the speed control. Replacement is a fairly easy job by removal of the back of the handle, then unplugging the switch from the handle circuit and removing the nut holding it to the handle.

ben Sayers speed control

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch

Ben Sayers wheel clutches are available on the store page.  Please see some of the photos of various wheel types used over the years.

old Ben Sayers Wheel

Ben Sayers Wheel

Clutch Pair


Controller Module

The controller for the Ben Sayers golf trolley.

The new model is the SIG-T2D3-J-12 (Store Product no. SKU108).   The older models had a different controller and many had the S1G-12V-8-J-9 and similar compatible controllers to fit the rectangular handle circuit.

Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Controller

Controllers for Older Models

older controller - with PCB

Handle Circuits

Handle circuits for the Ben Sayers golf trolley came in many types over the years of different golf trolley models.  The original circuit was rectangular and is still available in the store.  There were newer models introduced and used the D-62145 or D64186 or D-61337 circuits.  Remember always to seek advice as these components only work with specific golf trolley controllers.

S1 controller circuitS3 Controller handle circuit

New Ben Sayers Handle Circuit
New Circuit sealed rubber.



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