Ben Sayers Wheel

Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Spares

Many Spares for the Ben Sayers models of electric golf trolley.  From the old original to the new models.

Ben Sayers Battery Lead

Easily ordered a new battery lead cable for the Ben Sayers electric trolley.  This battery cable comes with a round connector with 3 pins this then fits into the connection in the battery tray socket.  Faults for this component can be checked on this website search battery lead faults.  Replacement and fixes for this cable are easily fitted to the battery poles by way of a cross screw.

Speed Control Switch (potentiometer)

The speed control switch is a common spare part to get damaged.  This happens when the switch stem gets a knock and causes the connection within the switch to malfunction.  Easily diagnosed with some previous faults listed with the speed control. Replacement is a fairly easy job by removal of the back of the handle, then unplugging the switch from the handle circuit and removing the nut holding it to the handle.

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch

Ben Sayers wheel clutches are available on the store page.  Please see some of the photos of various wheel types used over the years.


Controller Module

The controller for the Ben Sayers golf trolley.

The new model is the SIG-T2D3-J-12 (Store Product no. SKU108).   The older models had a different controller and many had the S1G-12V-8-J-9 and similar compatible controllers to fit the rectangular handle circuit.

Controllers for Older Models

Handle Circuits

Handle circuits for the Ben Sayers golf trolley came in many types over the years of different golf trolley models.  The original circuit was rectangular and is still available in the store.  There were newer models introduced and used the D-62145 or D64186 or D-61337 circuits.  Remember always to seek advice as these components only work with specific golf trolley controllers.

New Circuit sealed rubber.



50 thoughts on “Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Spares”


    1. First thing to check. If the trolley goes off power completely or even cuts off speed it can be a battery connection lead. i.e. enough power to light up display but not enough to power the trolley especially at full speed. Check all connections.

  2. Looking for a new card holder but I’m having difficulty sourcing one does anyone know a supplier ? Many thanks

  3. Gudmundur Borghtorsson

    Dear sir/madam, kindly inform how to buy spare Pro Rider Golf Trolley Tyre Tread Rubber Pair, for the rear wheels.
    For your information I live in Orihuela Costa in Spain.

  4. David McGranaghan


    Looking for a motor replacement for Ben Sayers trolley – I think.
    When I turn on the unit and set speed it clicks but doesn’t engage the gear it seems. Gave it a few kicks and it goes sometimes. Control unit has power going to it so I’m assuming it’s the linix motor – any idea where I can get one?

    Battery ahs been fully charged and as I say it goes sometimes after a few taps but not all teh time. obviously not ideal.

    1. Might be dirt and or damp inside the motor housing. A clean and spray of WD40 can sometimes help, especially when the motor is going then sticking.

  5. I have a Ben Sayers Electric trolley – when i turn the speed dial sometimes it works 1-9 other times it doesnt respond or only goes up to 8 or less
    Do I need a new part?

    1. You will most likely find the golf trolley works normally in every other way i.e preset distance buttons. If so it’s almost certain it’s the speed control switch (SKU102) available online store.

  6. Raymond Morgan

    Have a Ben Sayers electric trolley nearly 2 years old.The on off switch has worn right through so does not always work.Also the wiring connection going downthrough the trunk got trapped when the handle was connected and severed have rejoined it,can you tell me the parts I need to repair it properly.Do i need the whole handle and wiring right through to the battery connection.

    1. The buy spares store online has the parts you need. The display cover buttons for the D shape handle are in stock at the moment awaiting the T winged display button covers. A temporary fix would be to cover the button with cello tape ( if the circuit is not damaged) . The Main wiring from the controller box under the battery tray to the handle circuit is available under product no. (SKU111). Fitting Instructions available on this website.

  7. Could I buy a pair of wide winter wheels for my Ben Sayers remote control trolley. Since I bought it in September 2020 its constantly pulled to the right. I’m told its probably a wheel clutch. I’m assuming if I buy new winter wheels that would solve the problem.
    Thank you

  8. Good Morning,
    I am trying to fit the main wire that goes from battery to handle. The old one had a plastic corrugated covering to protect it but cant remember at what point of the run it goes. Do you know?
    thanks, Andy

  9. Hi ,I have a Ben Sayers electric trolley S1-T2 lately the a b c,are working ok ,but the display for the speed control only goes from 1to 3 then back to zero there is not enough power to drive the trolley although the battery is fully charged any advice about this problem
    Thank you

    1. If the numbers are not able to scroll up the speed settings and also if jumping or missing then 99% it is needing a new speed control switch as in the store item SKU4102.

  10. Hi, I have a 2 year old Ben Sayers trolley. Recently the power has been cutting out after about 5 holes of golf. If I unplug the battery from the trolley and then reattach it it will power up and work for another few hundred yards before switching off again. I replaced both the battery cable and the charging unit, thinking the battery was not getting a full charge. I have noticed, however, that when I plug the battery into the charging unit to charge it that the light remains green and very rarely turns red. I have no idea what the problem is. Can you help?

    1. Normally when plugging the charger in it would show a red light initially and if not it’s nearly always the battery cable or connection. In VERY rare occasions it can be the battery itself. Worth borrowing one to see what happens.

  11. Good morning

    I was just enquiring, Do you do hedgehog winter wheels for Ben Sayers electric trolleys

    Kind regards

    Rob Brown

  12. I have a 2 year old trolley my right wheel keeps disengaging and coming off? When you push the wheel back on it locks so you can’t pull it off. But within 20 to 25 metres it comes off again?

    1. A couple of things to check. Make sure the slot at the end of the axle where the wheel clip is held, is clear of debris. The clip itself is strong, clean, and oiled.

  13. Hello, my trolley (Ben Sayers) is almost working fine despite being 5ish years old.
    The motor whines and groan a lot though especially after #4 speed setting. I can’t seem to access the motor to have a look. Any ideas to stop it’s whining and groaning?

    I also need a new front wheel and axle. Can’t find one anywhere


      1. Hi Jim

        I have just ordered a front axle spindle for a ben sayers trolley. On the picture shown is it just the spindle and the washers on the right hand side with bolt at the top of the washers to be fitted please

        1. Thanks for your order. The spindle, bolt, washers and spacers is normally all customers need, but I add in free the bracket and wheel alignment adjusters as an extra and sometimes it comes with two pop rivets for other models.

  14. My friend and I bought identical Ben sayers electric trolleys during lockdown and have been really please but in the last week both have lost the front wheel in muddy conditions and when refitting there is nothing to hold the spindle in place do you have replacement spindles, spacers etc in kit form? If so I require 2 kits/parts

    Thank you Bob

  15. Jason Masterson

    My Ben sayers trolley keeps cutting out when being put under stress going up inclines after 7 holes. I unplug battery leave for a few mins and it goes again until put under stress again. Trolley and battery are only 18 months old. Started after a particularly wet round. Any ideas. Battery is holding charge and has enough power to do a second round.

    1. If It’s cutting out And powering off then I would think it could be to do with a connector or poor connection. So a good clean and WD40 on all connections before looking at a controller or handle circuit.

  16. Ben Sayers trolley 3 years old, the power is cutting out, the motor stops and display goes black but only in the later part of a round. By holding down the On button I can get the display to light up again and can then proceed with power. Then it will cut out again etc etc. I swapped batteries with another player and he got the same problem. We think my battery is not holding sufficient charge for a full round. This could be because we leave it plugged in a lot of the time and has thus degraded the charge capacity. Sounds like I need a replacement battery……can you confirm? Thanks

    1. Andrew,

      Yes I believe you correct in thinking the battery is not holding enough charge. With lead acid golf trolley battery, it’s advisable not to let the total capacity go below 10% at any time. If happens the battery can’t hold its original capacity. (Often around only 14 holes).

  17. Hi I have electric trolley now a year old going strong, wondering ! Is there an upgrade kit to make it remote controlled or do I need to buy whole new trolley ?

  18. Hi Jim, Wondering if you could help.

    I “accidentally” launched my 9 iron and i connected with the handle of my electric trolley,
    the speed controller is now only going from 0 – 4 then back to zero and can be a bit temperamental when changing the speed, do you think it will be damage to the Speed Control Switch (potentiometer)?

  19. Hi

    I recently had a new control unit fitted to my Ben sayers trolley and everything worked fine. But when I cam to play the next time, there was no power, even though I had charged the battery the previous evening. So before I decide what to do, can you confirm that its a battery issue please

  20. Had my trolley 2 years, had battery on charge for a couple of days before each round but power keeps cutting off after about 6 holes. I restart and it works again for 5 mins or so then same problem. I’ve noticed that one of the 3 prongs on the connector from the battery to the trolley is damaged. Any suggestions? TIA

  21. I have the same problem as Kevin 14th march- it stops if I turn the speed up over 5 and will only restart for a few minutes before stopping again any ideas on the cause

    1. The usual cause for this happening is a poor power connection like the battery cable not making good enough connection. Nearly always at the socket side on the golf trolley battery tray. Dirt / damp and constant pulling off and on at this connection stops it from allowing enough current to get through at the higher speeds causing the trolley to shut down. A new battery cable should be the fix.

  22. Hey Jim, Ben sayers trolley, cutting out during round, now replaced battery lead and controller unit, still happening, still same, unplug and plug back in again and goes again for a while, cuts out but still goes again after unplugging etc! Battery, appears to be OK, starts off red when charging, and changes to after a while so appears to be holding charge, can you advise where my next fault to rule out may be?

    1. Really strange? and there’s no glitches with the speed control? Batteries can have intermediate cell damage but this is rare. I don’t think it will be the handle circuit or switch; it is possible but extremely rare unless likes of the speed switch or circuits are shorting. Also a main wire short can cause a shut down. If possible borrow a battery just to eliminate that. After that it’s quite difficult to have the trolley running while wiggling wires etc. as this can show up occasionally. Once the solution is found it helps to post it up.

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