battery lead connected but no lights

I’ve connected leads to battery fine then connected 3 pin connector to trolley fits perfectly but no lights come on ? Nothing old put old connector back on green light come on trolley. Changing connector as trolley keeps stopping every two minutes so thought it might be a faulty connector.

If the trolley is completely cutting out i.e. losing all power as if turned off, it does seem like a connector somewhere along the line, if this happens while the trolley is moving this especially would suggest a connector is loose somewhere. I would go over all the connectors, under the battery , e.g. the controller box and also inside the handle.


Hi, fitted new battery and used for first time yesterday. Trolley was OK for 9 holes but then would not move forward. All lights were working and showing enough charge. Speed control showing from 0 – 7, but no movement. Charged battery overnight and showing full. Cleaned battery leads and connector(s). Retried but no movement of wheels at all, again with all lights showing. Speed control clicking on engagement, and showing 0 – 7, but with no wheel movement. Have you any ideas as to problem please. Thanks Peter.

Your explanation is very clear but I am having trouble figuring out what it could be. We will have a try.

When the trolley is switched on so as to engage the drive and power to the wheels, the controller is clicking but no wheel or more precisely there is no motor drive or movement. I would have a check at the terminals coming out the controller while trying to power the motor. By putting a tester or something which will show there is a current coming out the motor connector wires on the controller. (see photo of this ) This will see if the controller is doing its job first.

We can take it further once you know this.

I didn’t have access to a tester, but in waiting for one I took off the plastic plate holding the controller and I just tried the speed once more, and the wheels started. If I just clean all connections and give a squirt of WD40, do you think that will do for now? Should I run the battery/wheels for a while also?

Yes it could be as simple as a poor connection. Remember golf trolleys are out in all sorts of weather and dirt so it can be a bit of dirt, water or corrosion. I would try to clean the connections where possible and then give them a squirt of WD40. I wouldn’t think running it on the spot would test the trolley though.

Thanks for all your help Jim, much appreciated, Peter.

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