When switched on the red light comes on and starts flashing, the speed controller does click when switched on. Have changed the handle controls but still have the same problem. The battery info. is standby use 13.5 – 13.8v the reading on the meter is 13.65v. The battery charger is only showing the green light it does not show a red light at any time. Can you tell me which of the following problems it could be:-
1, The Battery. 2. The Charger. 3. The Speed Controller.

This is a tricky one. If the red light comes on in the display and flashes this usually signals not enough power to allow the trolley to move. Normally meaning the battery has very little power left in it. So straight away I would look toward the battery or the connection from the battery to the trolley i.e. the battery lead. With your battery showing the potential of 13.65v this would tend to suggest a connection somewhere along the line, but also be aware from my experience, I have seen faulty batteries doing strange things! You are going to have to eliminate one by one. If you can get another battery to try then ideal. Then look at the lead. Then the controller, but usually, when a controller makes a clicking sound when trying to put power to the wheels to move forward, then this suggests it is working, although its not completely certain it is not at fault.

Sorry I can not be more specific at the moment, but your welcome to come back to me at any time and I should be able to help further.


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