Stowamatic golf trolley keeps cutting off power

My electric Stowamatic trolley keeps cutting power and I have to plug out and plugin then it works, it happens a few times in a round. Can you please suggest any remedy.

It’s difficult to say exactly why this is happening from the above description but it would point to a sudden current failure or reduction of current. Once the trolley cuts off the power needs to be reset by the on the speed control switch. There are few things which could cause this but one of the most common is the battery lead either having broken wires or more likely broken connectors and/or causing a poor intermittent connection. The starting solution is to recommend a new golf trolley battery lead.


My trolley has started to cut out when in the highest gear the display goes blank and power is lost. I know its not the battery as i have tried 2 different fully charged batteries. I believe it only cuts out when you engage 8th or 9th speed. I kept it at 7 and below for 18 holes today and it didn’t cut out. I should, however, be able to use all 9 speeds, not just 7 and below.

3 pin battery connector

When the golf trolley is allowed to draw the full amount of current from the battery and it cuts out completely, then this normally is a sign there is a poor connection somewhere along the line. I would first check the battery lead, give it a clean at the connections. IF yours is the round 3 pin connector lead, then be careful not to widen the three metal round spring connectors inside the round 3 pin connector as this would make it worse if not unable to connect. Also, a spray of WD40 on the connector would help. The next thing to do would be to buy a new battery connector lead. We only sell the round type 3 pin connection battery leads.

battery connections


Just been given a second-hand Stowamatic golf trolley which looks mostly in good order. However, if I set the control knob with the rear wheels off the ground it works perfectly, but when under load the motor cuts out and switches off. The control switch works correctly at all speeds from 1 to 7. The battery holds a good charge and the leads work to charge. Any idea which part I need to replace?

I would first look at the battery lead as the previous questions and answers are pointing.  If this battery cable has been replaced or working as new then I would look toward other connections and wires.  With the main premise being there is a component or connection somewhere not allowing the full current to be drawn through the system.  The first port of call is all the connection and connectors with the electric golf trolley.  These would best need cleaned and checked by unplugging and plugging the connectors back together.  Also a spray of WD40 or similar should help with these connections.  After these initial checks, I would look at inspecting the main wire and other types of wiring for any breaks along it.  Without special testing equipment, the only way to do this would be to wiggle and see if any change occurs with the power of the golf trolley.  While on the reduced small wires this is ok but caution on the larger wiring from and to the motor as the 12volt current is larger.

battery connector

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  1. I just have been given a pro rider trolley so when I put the battery on charge the light is on red which how it is supposed to be but I’ve had it on charge for nearly 3 days and haven’t seen a green light to confirm that it’s fully charged and the charger is hot! I get a green light if the battery isn’t connected so any idea please

    1. Please just be careful! Don’t keep it on, it means the golf trolley charger isn’t switching off automatically. This could be the charger itself is at fault or the battery has some kind of problem.


    My battery charger seems faulty but not sure. I have bought a second hand Pro rider. When the buggy begins the round of golf the light goes from green to Amber when I turn the throttle. Also when I switch to high speed it cuts out. I really struggle to ge 18 holes. Could you tell me what is the problem please.

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