golf trolley battery lead

Golf Trolley Battery Lead



What is a Golf Trolley Battery Lead

A battery cable consists of twin wires connected to the terminals of a battery which run to an adapter or plug. This plug connector is then used to connect only the correct round so as to allow the electric current to flow into the product.  A golf trolley battery lead is a conduit that delivers the electric current needed from the battery.

Where are they used

Golf trolley battery leads are made up of two wires covered by insulation layers.  Over each wire is a covering sheath for these two wires.  The battery terminal connections are usually by a clamp nut and bolt with washers or a cross screw washer type connection device.   The insulation around each wire is normally colored by its pole connection positive or negative.  The positive wire is normally RED in color and the negative wire is normally BLACK in color.  An important thing to remember when connecting the positive and negative to the terminals.  Always remember to make sure the wires are connected to the correct terminals.  This is done as denoted on the battery poles themselves by either a symbol + for positive and – for negative. Sometimes a red around the battery pole for positive and black around the other battery pole for negative.

Components of a golf trolley battery lead

The other side of the golf trolley battery lead is nearly always some kind of connector.  These connectors come in various designs, shapes, and functions.  Most common in the golf trolley battery lead are two main types the Torberry connector and the 3 pin round connector.   The Torberry connector has two side by side square-shaped internal spade connectors, these are also coloured red and black.  Torberry connectors are designed so they can only connect the correct way around.  The other 3 pin round connector is designed with 3 pins although like the Torberry connection only two are used in a golf trolley battery lead.  The 3 pin battery lead connector is a female round 3 holed connection with a screw on the dial.  This screw-on dial holds the battery lead in place.  This often can cause connection problems if it is pulled off without unscrewing the dial first.

     Battery lead connectors 
Golf Trolley Battery lead connector plug

Damage to a battery lead

It is a very common occurrence for damage or corrosion to the golf trolley battery lead and happens in a number of different ways, highlighted below.

Broken golf trolley cable

A Pulled Lead

  • A pulled battery lead can happen when the golfer gets tired at the end of a round of golf. It is easy to forget to unscrew the dial and pull the lead itself.  This causes the lead to break away from its internal connections or disturb the internal round connectors.  In turn, it causes either intermittent current or a complete break in the electrical connection.
  • Pulling straight from the battery itself.  This can cause damage to the lead either by previously mentioned or from the battery connection side.

Corrosion to the Lead

  • Corrosion to either side of the connection.  Either at the battery side or the 3 pin connector side.  This can cause intermittent connection or a complete connection loss.

Dirty Cable Connector

  • Dirt or foreign objects can get into the connector. On either side, this can also cause a loss of electrical connection.

Water and Dampness in the Lead Connections

  • Water ingress can stay in the lead connectors. This can cause damage over time by way of corrosion or can easily lose the electrical connection straight off.

Fitting a 3 pin golf trolley battery lead

Fitting a battery cable is one of the easiest tasks. To fix a broken golf trolley with no power or intermittent current where the golf trolley cuts see the support page.  This page has full instructions and videos on how to fit a new golf trolley battery lead.

Purchasing a new golf trolley battery lead

Purchasing and fitting new battery lead is simple and easy.  We supply a fast delivery time and its easy to fit.  This gets you back on the golf course playing your 18 holes round in no time.  Purchase a golf trolley battery lead

Types of Battery – Lithium or Lead Acid

Most of the golf trolleys have lead-acid batteries.  The lifespan of a battery varies according to the type and use it is put through. The newer type is the Lithium battery. This is much lighter and can take a full discharge without damage occurring. It also has a much longer life span and can do around 1500 cycles compared to the lead-acid battery of around an average of 300 cycles.

Damage to a golf trolley battery cable connection

It is important it is cared for in a specific way, this will preserve the battery’s life span. For example, a 12-volt lead-acid battery can not be discharged below 9 volts because it causes irreparable damage to the battery. If a golf trolley is starting to get low on the display indicator, then its advisable to turn off the power to the golf trolley before the battery gets discharged below the 9-volt level.  The problem with discharging below the 9-volt level is it causes the capacity to reduce by around 60% or more.  This means when trying to recharge the battery it will charge only around 30-40 %.  Normally the light on the charger will show full but the battery will only manage around 75% of the golf course.  This is depending on the course and conditions of course.

30 thoughts on “Golf Trolley Battery Lead”

  1. GREAT SERVICE… Yes I can confess when putting the battery in the car boot I must have dropped it onto the battery lead connector and damaged it by cracking the plastic. Ordered a new one from your store and it came the next day and I was back on the golf course without missing a game.

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  3. If it only has two wires going into the plug why does it have three terminals? what does the third terminal do?? and what is it connected to???

    1. The battery lead has a round plug with three pin holes ( allowing it not to get rotated in the wrong way around) and two wires connecting inside. The connector has also a location slot this is to make sure the wires do not get mixed up with positive and negative. The reason for the circular connector is so it can be screwed in place although I never screw it on as it can really get damaged if you forget at the end of a round whether it is 9 holes for 18 holes . Pulling the battery away without unscrewing is a common error which damages the wires pulling them off their terminals.

  4. I have a motocaddy trolley with a T bar lead. I have a brand new lead battery from my previous trolley which has a torberry connector so I need a connector with Torberry one end and a female for a T connection ie same as on top of a battery . Can you supply.

  5. Hi , I bought a Precision trolley for my wife from a friend who now needs to use a cart. Slight problem now is my wife won’t use it as the battery is incredibly heavy ! Another golfing friend has now given her a nice light Lithium battery which she had surplus due to her purchasing a 36 hole one. The Lithium has no T bar but it seems I can easily purchase one but all are to Torberry which is no good as you will know to the Precision. We also have no charger ( although I have one for my lead acid ) for the Lithium. Therefore , could I purchase from you what I need ? Like a T bar, an adapter, a charger ? Many thanks for your help. Eric McFee ( for Jenny )

    1. Eric,

      Unfortunately you can not use the standard lead acid battery charger on the lithium battery. I don’t have the lithium battery charger or battery connector you need.

    1. The golf trolley battery leads come with either a 3 pin round connector and at the other end two wires for the battery connection OR a torberry connector and the other end two wires (positive and negative) that connect to the battery terminals.

  6. I have a pro rider lead acid battery and need to purchase a lithium battery. My lead from the battery is a round 3 pin one. Can I fit this lead to the terminals on a lithium t bar battery ?

    1. Fitting each of the battery leads to the terminal of the T bar should be OK. Just make sure it is positive to positive (red) as the wrong way round blows the controller and the handle PCB (circuit).

  7. I have just bought a new electric trolley and have decided to change the 3 pin for a torberry as the pins break .However the charger lead has 2 black plastic coated leads ,how do I know which one is positive as the is no sign of red anywhere on the leads .?

    1. I am sorry I am unable to help here. I do find it strange you say it keeps breaking. I have dealt with these round 3 pin connector types for 15 years and with many thousands of people in that time but I’ve not found they are breaking as you describe. In fact, more are breaking the plastic torberry lead. We don’t supply the torberry lead you mention and I am not able to know which side your leads are on the charger side if they are not coloured. So the only way is to use a tester.

  8. Hi
    I have a Ben Sayers golf trolley which I purchased about a year and a half ago it has been running fine up until the other day.
    Its telling me the battery has had a full charge but when I got it ready to go yesterday the speed dial would only go to speed 4 (max speed is 9)
    When it went to 4 and you tried to go further it just kept returning back to zero…any thoughts on what be going on not to sure if its the battery.

    1. From your description I do not think it’s the battery. When you say “ it went to 4 and you tried to go further it just kept returning back to zero“ do you mean rotating the knob to increase the speed? If so then I would say definitely it is the speed control switch which needs replaced. Available on the first row of the store page. If it switches the power completely off itself then it could be the battery connection

  9. Matthew Mulroney

    Hi, I have a Motocaddy S1 Pro with a lead acid Yuasa battery. The battery is about 5 months old so it should be ok for a good while longer. I am getting a low battery indication on the control panel during my round. If I turn the power right down and half push the trolley then it is ok. This has only started happening in the past 2 weeks. I measured the voltage after it has been fully charged using the Motocaddy charger and it says 13.79 V, this seems a healthy voltage to me. Today it said low voltage after 9 holes and the control panel cut the power from the battery. Once I got home I measure the voltage and it said 12.9 V, again this seems ok. I understand that will drop when the trolley applies a load to it. I don’t feel the battery or charger are not working, what else in the trolley could be pulling through a large enough current to say the battery doesn’t have enough power. I changed the battery cable a couple of days ago to see if it was the fault but it wasn’t. Your help would be appreciated.

    1. This is going to sound too simple but batteries can do some strange things especially if one of the plates is damaged. So firstly I would try and borrow a battery just to eliminate that.

  10. Hi dropped my battery on top of the cable. I’m waiting for the new lead which was dispatched today from yourselves. Will I be able to unscrew the old leads and use the new one right awayM

    1. Yes, you can take off the old one, and your new order will fit in place of your old damaged battery lead with no problem. One thing to remember when fitting; is to make sure you keep the RED lead to the positive + terminal on the battery, (just as the old one is fitted). Mixing up the RED(+) and BLACK(-) to the wrong battery terminal is easily overlooked.

  11. the wires have come off my 3pin plug female black and red the one that goes from the battery charger to the battery terminals on the front of the plug is the numbers 1 2 3 there is 4 lugs on the back of the plug where do I solder help thanks

  12. hi is it possible to fit a t bar connecter to a 3 pin plug the trolley end the wires are both black how do you determine which is the positive wire

    1. You would have to get a T bar connector then do a continuity test to determine positive and negative. Don’t mix them up as you will blow both handle circuit and controller.

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