Trolley lighting up before I press the on button

When battery is fitted to cart all the control panel lights up before I’ve  pressed the on button , but nothing alters when I try to select a speed level trolley won’t move.

With the golf trolley lighting up before any on button is pressed, this would suggest the control box or handle circuit has a fault.  It is difficult to know which one is at fault as it is possible both component parts can cause this type of malfunction.  We always recommend replacing both components at the same time as a malfunction in one can cause a breakdown in the other.  Please see our store for the components needed.

When I try to increase speed from 0 to 7 ,  it will cut out on 2 and go back to 0 , this has only been happening since I gave it a good clean .

This sounds like when you were cleaning the trolley some water may have got  into the battery connections or possibly other connections.  When the trolley increases speed it requires more current from the battery and if the connections are not good, then as it tries to get more current, the connection fails.  I would have a look at the battery connections first give them a clean.  If this doesn’t work I would think of replacing the golf trolley battery lead first before thinking about other components.






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