Ben Sayers no power fault

Golf Trolley No Power

I thought if I send this through your contact page you may be able to help me with my Ben Sayers golf trolley problem with not power.  I was playing golf over the last weeks and found a few times the trolley power would cut out.  The golf trolley keeps stopping and then needs starting   It would go again after I powered it up, but sometimes if I am going uphill or basically turn up the speed, the power shuts off again as it cuts out.  Occasionally when I put the battery on it the power light flashes and as soon as I try to engage the motor the power switches off itself.  Can you suggest what I can look for or the best way to figure out what may be at fault?  Many thanks, Frank.

Frank, your situation and golf trolley power fault is very common.  I must point out not just Ben Sayers electric golf trolleys but most electric trolleys, although some more than others.  What you describe with the power switching off when you try to speed up comes from the golf trolley looking for more current from the battery.  The battery feeds the trolley power via the battery cable or battery lead.  This battery lead has to be in good order and nearly always the connections are dirty or get corroded over time, which causes stops the full current from getting transmitted through this lead.  The result is the trolley controller does not get the power it demands from the battery and shuts down the golf trolley.  This poor battery connection from the battery cable connectors can sometimes get to the extend of causing the golf trolley even at rest only powered on stationary, and it shows only flashing LED display numbers i.e. zero fishing.  This means poor battery lead connection and as soon as you try to engage the motor the current can’t get through the bad connections.

There are occasions when the trolley power switches off completely when trying to engage the motor and if it’s not a current demand issue from the battery it can be the actual main golf trolley controller unit (housed under the battery tray)…  see the store for your correct controller, if in doubt ask me via the contact page.

I hope this all makes sense and I would always go for a new battery lead.

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