Ben Sayers no power fault

Golf Trolley No Power

I thought if I send this through your contact page you may be able to help me with my Ben Sayers golf trolley problem with not power.  I was playing golf over the last weeks and found a few times the trolley power would cut out.  The golf trolley keeps stopping and then needs starting   It would go again after I powered it up, but sometimes if I am going uphill or basically turn up the speed, the power shuts off again as it cuts out.  Occasionally when I put the battery on it the power light flashes and as soon as I try to engage the motor the power switches off itself.  Can you suggest what I can look for or the best way to figure out what may be at fault?  Many thanks, Frank.

Frank, your situation and golf trolley power fault is very common.  I must point out not just Ben Sayers electric golf trolleys but most electric trolleys, although some more than others.  What you describe with the power switching off when you try to speed up comes from the golf trolley looking for more current from the battery.  The battery feeds the trolley power via the battery cable or battery lead.  This battery lead has to be in good order and nearly always the connections are dirty or get corroded over time, which causes stops the full current from getting transmitted through this lead.  The result is the trolley controller does not get the power it demands from the battery and shuts down the golf trolley.  This poor battery connection from the battery cable connectors can sometimes get to the extent of causing the golf trolley even at rest only powered on stationary, and it shows only flashing LED display numbers i.e. zero fishing.  This means poor battery lead connection and as soon as you try to engage the motor the current can’t get through the bad connections.

There are occasions when the trolley power switches off completely when trying to engage the motor and if it’s not a current demand issue from the battery it can be the actual main golf trolley controller unit (housed under the battery tray)…  see the store for your correct controller, if in doubt ask me via the contact page.

I hope this all makes sense and I would always go for a new battery lead.

Troubleshooting a golf trolley that has no power

Is there power getting to the trolley i.e. does the display light up?

If there is no power at all, then check by plugging the battery into the charger and then connecting it to the mains, and see if the charger lights up RED first?  It should then go GREEN once the battery is fully charged. Please note this is an important checkpoint – the charger light should ALWAYS go RED even if the battery is fully charged it will light red for a couple of seconds.

This proves if the power is getting through to the golf trolley and if it is, we have to look at the other causes…

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  1. Hi Jim, I have a Ben Sayers 12v lead battery trolley, about 3 years old. When switched on and with speed controller turned up, there is no (or very sporadic) wheel rotation. I have replaced the ‘T’ handle circuit board (SKU4105), speed controller and controller unit (SKU4107) purchased from yourself, but the fault remains. The battery is good (12.9v) at the terminals and the end of the lead that plugs into the controller unit socket. When the speed controller is turned off and on, I can hear a ‘click’ from somewhere beneath the battery tray. I did think the motor itself might be faulty, but you don’t appear to supply these. Anyway, I’m not sure it’s that. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. John,

      As reading your description I was slowly eliminating all the faults in my head. Halfway through, my mind was thinking, the main wire break. BUT with the power in the circuit and controller not having any problems and getting to the end of the motor output from the controller, also the click which helps to confirm this. I think you are correct, it seems very much like the motor itself. I am unable to get the motors at the moment. It might be worth getting someone who can look at the motor unit as it might only be a case of replacing the brushes. Depends if it has burnt out or needs cleaning up.

      1. Barry Caldicott

        My Powerkaddy classic trolley stop working have changed the motor but it still will not work. What else can I check

  2. Ben Sayer golf trolley. Trolley came in for repair as a non runner motor working OK, controller clicking screen coming on number changes sent for new controller and then found screen would not match up with controller so sent for new screen panel (thanks for the quick service ) But the same problem with the new parts checked cable best I can. Any clues please David, Thanks.

    1. David, checked the controller which should go with the newest type handle is the SKU4108 not the SKU4107 controller. If wrong controller it won’t function at all.

      Email me on
      admin @

  3. Hi my golf cart had no power, after replaced controller unit and led this no power battery fully. What do i need to do?
    Any ideas
    David Holland

    1. Check the main wire does not have any breaks. Wiggle it around all the way along it where possible while holding on the power button. Also the connections, especially battery connector. I will be in office Monday- Friday am. Email address on contact page if no joy.

  4. Hi. Battery fully charged, Green, Amber and red light light up on control display. Very quickly only the red light shows. What is the problem? Thanking you.

      1. Hi Jim
        Mine does exactly the same
        When Battery is fully charged,i connect it and all lights show up and it works,then after trying on third occasion it has no power and red light fades away
        What do I do,shall I get a new battery

        1. First, make sure the battery connectors and connections are clean and not damaged, it may need a new battery lead. Then check any other connections.

  5. hi jim
    i have a caddymatic v2 which is shutting down all the time green amber and red lights showing then just red thought it was the battery which i replaced the same thing happening checked the motor all the wires look ok when it does go its as if it needs more power could you please advise as i need the trolly im not fit to carry anymore thank you

    1. I would have also thought to try testing with another battery. The battery lead does get a hammering being out in the elements also plugged off and on all the time. I suspect there may be more going on, possibly handle circuit. Can I suggest emailing me (see contact page for address)

      1. Hi Jim,
        I just purchased a second hand pro rider electric golf trolley and was told it just needed a new battery, however I tested the battery and it is showing 12.5v. When connected there is no power and no lights or led on display. Can you help ?

  6. Just bought a 18 hole lithium trolley, no power to the wheels, the battery is showing fully charged but the wheels don’t move at all there is a click when I press the go button but nothing happens any suggestions would be great


    1. Normally a click means the controller is engaging power to the motor output, meaning it’s working (but not always). Check the motor itself by connecting 12v power to the terminals.

  7. Robert La Riviere

    My pro rider has no power, the battery is fully charged, I have changed the Circuit board in the handle… but I still have no power when I try and switch on, any help would be appreciated. Regards Rob

    1. Sorry to hear the company you bought your spares from are not helping or supporting you until fixed. They should guide you and have instructional photos and videos etc. as to how to fix problems OR may be they know nothing of how the trolley works.

  8. Hi, I brought my husband a Pro-Force trolley a couple of years back but it didn’t work for very long. The battery seems fine but when we connect it and turn the trolley on the light comes on and the zero comes up. Then when we turn the knob to go to 1,2,3 etc you hear a click further down the unit but no movement and then the red light in the top right corner of the display starts flashing. I notice that these units seem easy enough to get parts for so any advice on what the problem might be would be most welcome as I would love to get this fixed for him. Many thanks in advance.

    1. It’s as if the power isn’t getting through. It may be the controller unit under the battery tray but first I would look at the battery then the battery lead before replacing the controller unit.

  9. Hi , my battery is cutting out after approximately 14 holes into a round. I’ve had the trolley 18 months or so. Also when charging the green fully charged light comes on alot quicker ( after 1 hour) any ideas on this problem..

    Many thanks

  10. My Ben Sayers trolley keeps on cutting out on my golf round . If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it the trolley restarts and runs for a few holes and cuts out again . If I repeat the process the trolley starts again and runs for a a few holes again before cutting out .
    Any ideas , have checked all connections which I can access and battery charges ok

      1. Just replaced battery lead and still cutting out a few times on my latest round, again disconnect and reconnect and works again for a bit, any further ideas on what it might be?

        1. 95% of the time the battery lead is causing this but also check the socket prongs are not bent and damaging the battery lead connector sleeves, or that they are not dirty or corroded. So a clean up and then a spray of WD40 AND on any other connectors around the trolley.

  11. My pro rider suddenly had no power (no lights and didn’t move) during a particularly muddy round which was tough on the trolley. It still has no power, battery fully charged. I wouldn’t be surprised if something burnt out!? Any suggestions on what to check or replace?

      1. I too have a Prorider trolley, the acid battery it came with would not recharge so i purchased a Lithium battery that has a T bar fitting. The battery is fullycharged as it has a read out when plugged in but the trolleys dead, no LEDS showing so wont work. Gad to push it manually today. I checked the leads underneath and they look ok. Any help would be appreciated.

        1. A note to remember is Lithium batteries need a different charger as it also switches off at a different voltage. A lithium battery at 20% capacity will hold voltage around 13V, its lead acid cousin will be approximately 11.8v at the same capacity

  12. Hi Jim looking for help with my wife’s pro rider trolley .
    The 4 lights all lite up showing all OK the buggy gives power to wheels but when using, the left hand light goes of and no power to wheels .
    Battery has full charge

    1. As always not easy to know without testing the golf trolley. Left hand light going off while drive engaged can be normal as it uses the battery but to not drive the wheels – it could be mechanical or if electrical controller unit (relay not switching) to drive or less usual motor failing. If it was the power connection it normally switches off the whole trolley.

  13. Hi Jim

    What a useful website! My wife has a Ben Sayers trolley about 2.5 years old. It has started cutting out after about 15 holes. It does seem to recharge though but then does the same. Any thoughts on the cause? She tends to charge or before playing but I have seen suggestions you should charge after and not before? Is that true?



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