Is there a fault with my golf trolley controller

I think from your support page my golf trolley controller is at fault.  When I switch the trolley on and gradually turn the control knob through the pace numbers, it seems the wheels are going at the same pace from 1 to 9 , very fast, I have had the wheels off the ground , if I put them down the trolley shoots off like a train, even on setting 1, can you please help me with this problem,  Many thanks

If the speed knob switch is showing it scrolling through the numbers smoothly but the golf trolley shoots off immediately at full speed, it is more likely to be the golf trolley controller unit rather than the circuit. IF the speed switch itself was faulty the trolley would either not start and not go up the numbers or jump numbers erratically. Normally if the handle circuit is faulty ( not always certain) it can show the numbers all wrong and sometimes not light up correctly. So my instinct is the main controller unit needs to be replaced. For the T handle golf trolley like the ProRider, it is the S1 main controller unit. For the Stowamatic GXT, it is the S3 main controller unit.

Various makes and models of controllers.

Pro Rider T handle original model

Original Pro Rider T handle golf trolley
Original Pro Rider golf trolley
Original S1 controller fits the T handle Pro Rider golf trolley.

The new replacement controller is now black colour as shown below and has an upgrade to 9 speeds.

Golf trolley controller new black 9 speed

Stowamatic Controller

Stowamatic is slightly different. The GXT model has handle circuits PCB which need the S3… type as below.

Stowamatic GXT golf trolley
Stowamatic Controller
Stowamatic Controller

Golf trolley controllers with their respective handle circuits.

The most common circuit for the T handle trolleys like the Pro Rider golf trolley is the rectangular LED display handle circuit with stop/start, distance buttons and on/off button. These originally were built with a cellophane cover and small rubber caps for contact with the display cover. The newer upgraded circuits have a full rubber cover which keeps the damp out and also replaces the rubber contact buttons as one piece.



This rectangular handle circuit only works with the S1… type controller and we sell the replacement upgraded new smaller black style. This upgraded golf trolley controller unit gives Nine speeds to your trolley without having to change the handle circuit (PCB).

There are other types of circuits which are for the S3… controller. As on the store items, these include the replaced
D-61337 for the D-62145 seen below and the Stowamatic D-64186 with complete rubber cover waterproofing the circuit.

S3 golf trolley controller

S3 controller with its circuits


controller type S1G-T2D3-12V-J

controller type S1G-T2D3-12V-J


Testing and fitting

These controllers are not the easiest test to determine if they are faulty.  Sometimes faulty ones can smell of an electrical burnt smell.  Other times it can look and seem fine, but cause various problems.  The support page describes various problems with golf trolley controllers and should help you look and test your golf trolley in different ways, this may help to shed light on some faults you may have.

The cost of other makes of controllers can be very expensive.  Typical examples are over £60 plus post and packing. We keep our prices to the best they can be at under £30 as of Jan 19.


  1. Comment by Mark Renwick

    Mark Renwick Reply 22nd August 2019 at 10:16

    Good morning my stowamatic gxt has developed a problem a b c

    • Comment by support

      support Reply 22nd August 2019 at 10:24

      You can either leave another comment or email and I will try to help. If you can give as much detail to the problem as possible this will help diagnose and fault find the golf trolley problems

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