Battery lead connection

Hi, I am sure this fault is covered somewhere in your FAQs but I couldn’t find it.
I have just bought and fitted a new handle (using existing PCB and speed controller) and two new clutches. The trolley worked perfectly for one round. The next time I took it out it failed on the 1st fairway.
The battery is fully charged and all lights light up when turned on. When I turn the speed controller as soon as the number ‘1’ appears, the green and amber lights go off and the trolley doesn’t move. The red light stays on.
If I return the speed controller to ‘0’ the green and amber lights light up again.
What is the problem and what do I need to replace?
Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Thanks for your quality explanation it makes a difference.

When reading the problems you explained, I immediately thought what was wrong at the point where you said: “as the number ‘1’ appears, the green and amber lights go off and the trolley doesn’t move“. Thinking straight away, this is the battery lead not being able to deliver enough current and shutting down the trolley. But on reading further you said the red light stays on, so this usually? indicates its, not a poor connection somewhere along the line. Not having to turn the golf trolley off and on OR unplug the battery cable OR do anything but return the trolley speed to zero, the green and amber lights come on again making this problem difficult to think through.

I would first try to clean the battery and connections a good spray of WD40 around the trolley is always a good idea. Then after that, if still persisting see if you can borrow a battery just for a try. Golf trolley batteries can do strange things if the plates are fractured or damaged in any way. IF when trying another battery and it is still having the exact same symptoms, I would look toward the controller or may even be the handle circuit. Between these two electronics, I suggest is where the fault is coming from if the battery is definitely fully working. It is very difficult to an exact solution to this fault without going through the process outlined.

Hope this helps, please let me know how you get on.

Thank you for your speedy response. Yes, my 1st thought was the battery lead.

I did try the ‘problem solver’ suggested and when I connected the battery to the charger the red light did not show on the charger, which led me down that path. But then the other light faults on the trolley handle seemed to indicate something else.

I will try cleaning the lead points but I suspect it may be that the existing lead is somehow damaged although there are no apparent frays or cuts.

It all points in the direction of the battery itself, possibly the battery connection. I would try to borrow a 12v battery if possible.






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  1. John Bourne avatar
    John Bourne

    My Stowamatic trolley has been playing up for a couple of months.
    Whilst on the golf course with a fully charged battery the trolley suddenly stops, the display then shows E02.
    I have to disconnect the battery to clear the fault.
    I have checked and cleaned the battery connector and also visually checked the controller, no sign of damp or burning. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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