Golf Trolley Cuts Out

Hi, hope you can help, when I switch power on the led 0 flashes, when the speed controller is turned the main controller clicks as it should but the trolley does not go, the numbers flash and as you turn it up it cuts out, I have changed the speed controller and the battery seems to charge, do you think I need a new controller and handle circuit board? If so which one do I need. Thanking you in advance for any advice offered.

I believe the fault may lie with the power supply rather than any of the electronics. I have seen this when a battery isn’t performing. I would definitely first try the battery 3 pin connector lead.  If then it still does have the same fault, (borrow) a 12v battery to see if the fault is still there, let me know how you get on and if the same fault is there with another battery I can help with your fault further.


Although my battery is fully charged the control panel does not illuminate or work.
What do you think could be the cause/s please.  The circuit board is a D-64186

I would first check it is getting power from the end of the golf trolley battery lead, this can be done in a simple way which works 95% of the time. If you put your battery on charge and whether or not its fully charged, it will first show a RED light on the charger indicating a charge is going through to the battery. (if its fully charged it will go to GREEN light within a couple of seconds). This normally shows the current is passing through the battery connector lead. Therefore if your handle display is not lighting up, it most likely will be a connection to the golf trolley handle circuit display (handle PCB) or the PCB itself is not working and needs to be replaced. Very rarely (1% of the time) it is a broken wire inside the trolley and the main wire needs replaced.

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    I’ve had my trolley for 12 months now and its developed at problem, it will judder and then stop on slight inclines? any help please

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      Support Staff

      Hi, If the motor is still running I would look at the wheel clutches. There is a test for the wheel clutches on the support page.

      If the motor is cutting out I would look for a connection fault. It is most likely to be at where the motor connects to the controller box. Also it could be nearer to the motor or the motor itself. Difficult to say without going through an elimination process.

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