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Battery lead cable connection fault

My battery lead for my ProRider golf trolley, it now seems the insert in one of the 3 pin socket has become detached and is now obviously  not working – is this a common fault with the trolley from ProRider?  Before this happened most rounds it seemed to be working fine for about 7 or 8 holes then cut out and many more times after this.  I found I had to re-start the power on the trolley every time it cut out.  Do you what would cause this to happen, a complete shut down and loss of power?

Top 3 reasons for golf trolley battery lead problems

Note: If the golf trolley is cutting out shutting the power off, it will most likely be a power connection problem.  Even if the battery lead looks ok it may not be getting a good enough connection to allow the current to pass to the trolley.  A result of this is it heats up slightly over a few holes and with the extra heat causes more resistance and the controller shuts down the power.  If the trolley shuts down like this it will show itself when you put it to full power ( say going uphill) and then it will shut down as it can’t draw enough current through the poor battery lead connection.

There are a couple of reasons for damage to the battery lead without it being pulled or tugged in any way. The main reason in my view you are having the same problem repeated comes most likely from a fault or damage to the trolley connector. (see this post on battery lead connectors )

  1. Battery Lead Inner Sleeves
  2.  Battery Connector Socket 3 Pin Damage
  3. Corrosion within the Battery Connector Socket

1.  Battery Lead Inner Sleeves

The inner sleeves in the battery lead are most likely damaged or bent slightly. If this is the case this can happen because the battery lead cable has been pulled while still plugged into the socket, (a very common error).

battery connections

SOLUTIONA new replacement battery lead cable – is available in the online store (item SKU 101).3-pin Connection Socket

2.  Battery Connector Socket 3 Pin Damage

A pull like this could not only bend the battery lead 3 inner connection sleeves but also the round connector socket pins, the actual socket pins. Therefore replacing the battery lead only cures the problem temporarily.  With the potential for more damage to be inflicted on any new battery lead.

control box connection socket

SOLUTION: Check the straightness of these 3 socket pins and if necessary point nose pliers or similar pinch and straighten any bends in the pins. If this does not work then replacing the socket with a new one is possible.  (sockets are available in the store online ITEM no. SKU 128). If you believe this is too difficult a job then there is always the option to replace the controller box (under the battery tray).  This controller box is part of the lead which connects to the 3-pin socket.  This would be the first thing to check before replacing.

3.  Corrosion within the Battery Connector Socket

After this, I would check for any slight corrosion on these socket pins. Corrosion on the 3-pin battery connection socket could cause friction on the 3 sleeves of the lead.  This will put unnecessary tension on these soldered sleeves.

SOLUTION: To clean and remove any corrosion or debris left in this socket. Cleaning with some light rubbing paper, then a spray of WD40 or similar will help ease this friction and help with the electrical connection.






5 responses to “Battery lead cable connection fault”

  1. Anthony Gillatt avatar
    Anthony Gillatt

    Hi,I wonder if you are able to help me? Is it possible to supply a battery lead with a connection with 3 pins?

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes I have the battery lead with the round 3 pin connector click here golf trolley battery lead

  2. Robert Haigh avatar
    Robert Haigh

    My golf trolley fell in to a bunker the lead was out of socket no there’s no power to the handle on the electric trolley

    1. Jim avatar

      You will most likely have broken the leads plug. You can purchase a new golf trolley battery lead here.

  3. Charlie avatar

    I have an old powakaddy with a lead battery. I charge it fully but after a few holes it says It’s empty and turns off. I unplug the battery and plug it back in and it’s good for another 4 holes. I do this over and over and the battery has plenty of juice.

    Any ideas on this? Thanks

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