Plugging my battery charger in it has never shown a red charging light in it goes straight to the green charged light. The trolley will only go a few holes before it needs pushing. So it seems my golf trolley charger is not charging the battery.
Normally although there are a few circumstances other things can be at fault, but it is usually if the charger light is staying on a green light then it could be a fault with the battery lead i.e. the connection between the battery and trolley or battery charger.  Therefore I would first check or replace the battery connection lead.  IF the battery charger is turning RED light this means the battery connector lead is working, i.e. delivering the current from the charger to the battery.
Could you tell me when charging my Pro rider is the light ment to be green
when charging thanks
When putting the battery on charge and it is taking a charge it should show a RED light. If not it could be the battery lead connection is poor in some way.
Hi Jim
Thanks for that. Am I correct in noticing the charger has a green light which turns red when connected to the battery that requires a charge.
As I said the battery connection is brand new and whilst I will double check its correct fitted I am at a loss to understand it further. Again the battery is relatively new but cannot rule out a fault with it.
Yes, you are correct; the battery charger when all connections are working and the battery is in need of charging e.g. below 14 volts, automatically starts off at a RED light – this means the charge is getting through to the battery. Once charged, it should go to green OR if there is a good connection and the charger gets a voltage signal of around 14 volts, it will then go to green light.

Caution the battery charger will also read Green if the connection is not good or disconnected in any way. This can be proved by pulling out the mains plug i.e. switching off the mains socket, you will then notice the charger going to a green light.

It is advisable always to start with connections: Make sure your battery lead is in good condition and is making a good connection at both ends; the battery connectors and the round 3 pin socket is good. IF in any doubt always purchase a new golf trolley battery lead before purchasing any new battery. It is very rare for the charger to be at fault. The order of problems in order would be from most likely the fault first;

  1. Connections dirty or poor at the 3 pin battery lead.
  2. Damage to the round 3 pin battery connector.
  3. Damaged leads (pulled) at the battery terminals.
  4. Pulled damage leads at the round 3 pin battery connector.
  5. Poor connection at the battery terminals dirt or corrosion.
  6. Battery damaged by a fall or dropped.
  7. General battery fault.
  8. Charger fault.
battery lead round 3 pin coonector

3.  battery lead round 3 pin connector

3. Damage to the 3 pin round battery connector leads


Although green light shows up on the charging link with the battery charger when linked to the trolley the trolley speed controller starts blinking a number —say no 3—-but does not power the trolley forward. Either the battery,s gone dead—3 years of use , twice a week 18 holes each time or the battery charging lead is caput and no longer shows a red charging light only the green light. Please advise as I,ve been really pleased with the GTX Stowmatic experience so far.
In your case, I think this does sound like the battery as it only has around 250 cycles of life anyway. At some point, the charger should show a RED light indicating it is charging the battery. If you can’t get a red light at any time then its either a battery connection or the charger or battery is not working. I would always start by checking the connections wiggling and spraying with WD40. Then the trying (borrowing) another battery. Occasionally it can be the charger not working.


  1. Comment by mike curtis

    mike curtis Reply 15th August 2018 at 21:29

    When the battery is put on charge the charger becomes very hot but does not charge the battery. Although the green light is showing when put on the trolley it will not run.

    • Comment by Support Staff

      Support Staff Reply 15th August 2018 at 23:04

      If Your charger and battery lead seem to be working okay. When a battery heats up on charge it normally means a malfunction within the battery cells. Any time I have had a battery heat up, it has been the battery which is at fault.

      If your battery charger is heating up I would think it may be the charger not switching off automatically. Once the battery gets to around 14volts of charge, it should switch off. If this is not the case this could end up damaging the battery. There is no definitive answer as to whether it is the battery or charger at fault – it could easily be either at fault. I would try your charger on a different a battery, if you have another battery. Or if you have access to a different charger, then testing that way.

  2. Comment by robert graham gee

    robert graham gee Reply 30th September 2018 at 17:34

    hi i was wondering if it is possible to buy a new tread for the wheels as one of mine has begun to shred its a bit harsh if you have to buy 2 new wheels yours bob gee

    • Comment by Support Staff

      Support Staff Reply 30th September 2018 at 18:28

      Sorry we are unable to supply tyres.

  3. Comment by Bruce beattie

    Bruce beattie Reply 24th March 2019 at 16:49

    My charging lead seems to be missing a pin. Never noticed this before but battery not taking a charge. Don’t want to sound thick but is this the reason it’s not charging. Light goes red but after a couple of mins it goes green, LED on trolley then goes from 3 lights to 1 light after about 20 secs.

    • Comment by jimmathieson

      jimmathieson Reply 25th March 2019 at 09:13

      Bruce, Normally I would say if there is a pin missing on the charging lead it would not function. Due to the fact that your charger is turning to a red light when you first plug in the charger and then goes to green after a few seconds normally indicates the battery to be getting a charge and is fully charged. Therefore the missing pin may just be the spare pin and not any of the positive or negative current pins and not affecting the process. What is strange is the LED light on the trolley dropping off from full charge (3 lights) to low charge (1 light) in a few seconds. This behavior seems to indicate the battery is not working correctly and may have a fault in it. I would try to see if you can borrow a battery to check to see if this is the case.

  4. Comment by Brenda Beddoes

    Brenda Beddoes Reply 8th August 2019 at 16:39

    I’m having problems with my pro rider golf trolley. It starts ok, all lights on so I presume battery is fully charged. No problems with speed display,numbers not sticking or anything. Can hear a definite click when adjusting speed. Trolley runs fine when testing before use. When clubs are attached it runs for about two minutes then dies. I have replaced the battery charger but this still doesn’t display red light first, only green. Could this be a fault with the battery itself? Having said this, I did remove the wheels and ran it for around 30 minutes this morning, albeit with no clubs on (obviously) and it was fine. Can you help please?

    • Comment by jimmathieson

      jimmathieson Reply 8th August 2019 at 20:29

      Having gone over a few issues clearly, it seems it may be a connection problem. So when the golf trolley power fails from either under a load or also over bumping ground it could knock the golf trolley battery cable from making a good connection. If it is the battery lead cable at fault then this would explain why when put onto charge the charger light is not going to red light, and a red charger light indicates a charging battery.

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