Battery power to golf trolley

My frequently used Yuasa 8month old battery has failed due to charger, charging but not sufficient over the period. the battery has gradually deteriorated, will it recovers with a new charger ? can you help, please.

There is a good bit of information on batteries on the fault finder page scroll to over halfway down heading GOLF TROLLEY BATTERIES.

Before replacing the charger I would also check the golf trolley battery lead, although if it works for the trolley and no stop starting it will probably be OK.


I purchased a new lithium battery and charger for my electric golf trolley, and it ran fine for the first couple of outings.

However the next twice I used it the power failed completely after about 1 hour (approx 6 holes)
To test the battery I used it on an old trolley I happen to possess and it ran fine for a number of outings.
At this stage, I fitted it back to the first trolley, and it is running great with obvious plenty of power left when I finish my round.
Obviously I am worried that the unit will just stop again, but is not showing any signs of losing power.
Any idea what could have caused the problem which has corrected itself?

Only from your explanation, I would say it could be a connector around the trolley somewhere. My first thought would be to check the battery lead. The reason I go with the battery lead because after using it on a different golf trolley it worked and going back to the original golf trolley worked. It has possibly been dampness or dirt in the connectors. A good spray of WD40 or similar on all the connections will help in some way hopefully.

I hope this helps your trolley reliability.






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  1. Rich Moule avatar
    Rich Moule

    Hi, i purchased a secondhand pro rider, but the battery fails after 4 hilly holes. Ive tested tbe battery and it shows fully charged after charging. Could afault with the trolley drain the battery that quick?

    1. Jim avatar

      Sounds to me like some the battery cells have gone and full battery capacity is only going to 20% now.

  2. Gregg Crooks avatar
    Gregg Crooks

    I have an old superbug golf trolley that hasn’t been used for a while. I have replaced the batteries, but the charger doesn’t work. I need a new charger but don’t know where to get one. I have the old charger and the info on it.I can send pictures with the info on the charger if

    1. Jim avatar

      If you would like to email your charger photos of specifications and connections , see contact page for email address.

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