Connected the battery lead terminals the wrong way round


Could you please help me with a problem I have created on my golf trolley.  I connected the battery the wrong way round . It blew the fuse which I replaced but everything is now dead. Clearly I have blown something more.?

Is this liable to be the controller and could it have damaged anything else.

Do hope you can help…



Having come across this twice before although it was a few years back and remember exactly what got damaged. It was both the controller which took the hit but also took out the handle circuit board. Hopefully, it shouldn’t affect the speed control switch and the golf trolley battery lead should be OK if not overheated,  Damage to the battery lead happens occasionally when the battery lead gets a tug at some point, sometimes it can happen from forgetting to take the plug off before removing the battery or in transport.

There are still battery leads available

The first thing to check is the controller function and this, unless you have a test bench set up, then there are only two ways to get an idea if the golf trolley controller box is not working or damaged. These two methods are not a very conclusive method of testing the controller but putting an ear near it, then switching the power drive on at the wheels you should hear a click from the controller. The other method is smelling the controller itself for any burnt smell.

Checking the LED handle circuit board; a damaged controller can affect the display and/or LED in various ways. Normally a circuit board malfunction can show a number of faults. Sometimes the numbers display can end up corrupted, and /or the buttons don’t function, and/or seemingly no power at the display circuit, and/or no reaction from turning the speed knob.


Firstly the fuse if any is fitted, then all connections are still OK and working. On the odd occasions when I have come across this, the damage was both to the controller and the handle circuit board.  At one time it was only the golf trolley controller that got damaged.  So in every case, the controller box was blown and needed to be replaced.

The battery lead connector can sometimes cause other problems with the trolley, so it is always recommended to make sure the lead is working well.  Sometimes it is difficult to determine if the battery cable is causing faults as it looks as if it is taking the charge to the battery with no problem but when asked to deliver a greater current this is when it shows the connection is not good enough.  We would recommend changing the battery cable if it looks corroded in any way.  As for both the electric golf trolley controller and circuit as damage can occur if one or other part is damaged itself and replacing one only can damage the other component again. Meaning a damaged controller and replacing the circuit board alone can blow the new replacement circuit board. Or vice versa with the circuit board

5 thoughts on “Connected the battery lead terminals the wrong way round”

  1. A friend gave me a trolly and another friend gave me a battery. The red and black connectors are the same but opposite way around so will only fit red to black ?

    1. Just make sure the correct electrical connection is made as if the connections are mixed up with positive going into negative it will blow BOTH the controller and handle circuit board.

  2. I heard sound a click from the controller and found the burnt sign in the socket between motor and control unit. Therefore I cut the burnt socket then connect the cable between motor and control unit directly. It could work however it went down again after use in 2 hours but came back after 30 minutes. It is unstable situation. There was no burnt sign. Do you see any potential cause on this. I am using EZICAddy5.

    1. It seems as if the controller unit may have an intermittent fault causing it to short out. Of course it’s not 100% certain it is the controller. There’s always a chance something else is shorting out, battery lead or main wiring, circuit.

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