Pro Rider golf trolley speed all over place – stop and go

 My pro rider has not been used for 3 years as it became very unreliable. It would just stop and then go again, the speed reg. was all over the place and it was just unusable. Have now decided to have another go. In your opinion do you think the control box may be the problem. My box is slightly different to your picture, the label reads S1G-12V-26A-8-CE 23.05.2012 No.264.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mechanics on it is all ok, but electrics not

The Prorider speed speed control switch being all over the place sounds very much as if it is faulty in itself.  When the speed regulator is malfunctioning or faulty it usually causes the numbers to stick in places or not move the numbers at all.  This usually only happens when rotating the speed knob and in any direction.    As the golf trolley has a stop and then go again fault, this seems to indicate the control box is faulty somewhere in its electronic workings and the numbers going haywire could be also the control box but more likely a combination of both control box and handle circuit board PCB.  If the golf trolley is completely losing power when stopping and going i.e. switching off, then this could also be related to the battery lead (battery power cable) being broken or having a poor connection.  (but not always see support section on battery lead and power faults).  The control box can cause the numbers to completely go all over the place and stop go.  So I this would indicate the most likely cause of the fault to be the control box and handle circuit board handle PCB.

Regards the box looking slightly different, yes this is possible, the newer ones are also black in colour.  Yes there are differences in control box electronics and compatibility is an issue, this is why we recommend purchasing the control box and handle circuit as one.  This makes sure there are no compatibility problems thrown into the mix.

All our spares and components fit the Pro Rider golf trolley but not the remote control model.





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