Buy a Pro Rider golf trolley battery lead

Pro Rider golf trolleys have been a very popular choice with many golfers.  Therefore keeping the trolley in its best condition is important.  Golf trolley battery lead is one of the spare parts which have a tendency to get damaged through pulls and batteries dropping on them.  The standard T handled original Pro Rider golf trolley battery lead has the round 3 pin connector.  This model was introduced around 2011 four years after Precision Golf Trolleys were on the market.  Newer styles and models have been since introduced they also the same battery connection lead and cable.  Please see our store page top row in order to purchase this battery lead.

Pro Rider Golf Trolley battery lead

How to fit a Pro Rider Golf Trolley Battery Lead

Most lead-acid batteries have either a cross screw style hex bolt and nut which go through the holes in the protruding battery terminal poles.  These types of pole connections are more common on the smaller 18 hole batteries e.g. from 18Ah to 26Ah capacity.  The other type of connection is a flat metal terminal built into the battery, it has a screw hole for a bolt to go into. This type of connector is more common with the 36 holes, (two golf rounds) 33Ah to 36Ah capacity.  With the first type make sure the end of the battery lead red cable is connected to the positive RED terminal on the battery.  Using the bolt put it through the RED lead hole while against the battery RED positive terminal then tightens the nut up until the lead can not move.  Note: it is important to set the battery lead so it points down so as to run the cable without strain in the same direction of the cable to get plugged into the golf trolley.  The larger battery is slightly easier as it is only one washer and bolt to get screwed down. Again watch the cable direction so as it does not point awkwardly out in case of damage.

22Ah battery lead connectors

Pro Rider Golf Trolley battery lead 36Ah connection


Where the battery leads differ

The newer range of Pro Rider has the Lithium battery which has a different connection battery lead.

Looking after your golf trolley battery

There are a few do’s and don’t when it comes to maintaining a lead-acid battery   The most important thing to remember is to never let the battery run down too low in charge as this damages the battery.  I was the first to say this and have been publicising this for 10 years now.  Finally, other companies are following and copying my advice onto their websites.  (It’s always nice to know I am being followed rather than a follower).

Damage to the Pro Rider Golf Trolley Battery Lead Happens

There are a few ways the battery leads get damaged.  One is the metal spring connectors inside get damaged and pulled.  They are also prone to dirt and water damage.  Fixing this can be done depending on how corroded the terminal just buy metal connector is.  Its always wise to another lead.



4 thoughts on “Buy a Pro Rider golf trolley battery lead”

  1. Hi, my ProRider trolley is running very noisy. I’m wondering if that’s the motor or the clutches that are worn. Recently purchased a new battery cable that got damaged. Any advice on reducing the noise?

    1. Dominic, Most of the time it is more to do with the wheel clutches, rather than the motor or gearbox as faults with these are very rare. I guess its a case of listening close up to the trolley if you can.

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