golf trolley new axle pin

How to fix golf trolley axle pin sheared

Replacement of the golf trolley axle pin

To replace a missing or sheared axle pin the following guide of how to fix.   It is a fairly straightforward job but without the tools then it can make it difficult to insert the axle pin in place as can be seen in this video.

The tools needed can vary, but something like:

  • Mole Grips or strong pliers – to squeeze the spring-loaded axle pin
  • Large hammer – to knock in firmly the axle pin
  • Clamp or workbench – to hold the axle in place

Axle pin for golf trolley can be purchased


8 thoughts on “How to fix golf trolley axle pin sheared”

  1. I have put new clutches on my pro rider standard trolley but still no or little drive in left wheel, what do you think is the problem

  2. is the axle in 2 pieces as i can pull the right side axle out from the axle is the axle broken or is it in 2 pieces

  3. The front wheel of my trolley has come loose and the nut holding it in place is missing. Do I need a special item to mend this and where do I get it from?

  4. Having been supplied by Ben Sayers under warranty spare parts. The split pins just slide straight through the hole in the axle. It is the red handle model bought last year. Any thoughts, is just wrong size sent do you have larger ones?

    1. All I can say is our store pins fit the standard axle holes by way of a firm fit as seen on my video on how to fix golf trolley axle pins.

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