Motor drive jammed sticking

Please help my trolley failed to drive the potentiometer gave various readings but no drive. I fitted a new potentiometer and to be on the safe side a new circuit board, still no drive but the control handle lit up ok.??  I went buy suggestions on your website that the controller could be at fault as it clicked when you turned the potentiometer knob, having just fitted a new controller box I still have the same fault and the new box also clicks. Can you please help with any suggestions

It sounds as though everything should be working ok, as if when you try to start the trolley it lights up ok, reads out ok, clicks at the controller. I would think if the current is getting through to the motor connection? IF so then it can only be the motor. It’s very rare for a motor to go but I have seen it burnt out when a trolley is say left on to drive against a wall or something. Then you can usually smell the motor is burnt. If possible to put a couple of connections OR tester onto the wires coming from the controller to see if there is a current coming from it when the drive is engaged.

Thanks for your help, problem solved a lite tap with a wooden mallet and the motor started up. Thanks again for your help.


I own 2 Stowamatic electric golf trolleys. Both currently faulty One the axle has become detached from the gearbox small grub screw missing in outer ring connection axel to the gearbox. 2nd was jumping speeds low to high during the round but now no longer switches on at the handle no electronic life shown. Can you assist re spares, please?

The golf trolleys around 2016 onwards had a new type of axle to gearbox connection system, this seems to be your type. The original golf trolley axles had a hole drilled through them and have a pin fit through the gearbox and the axle. This original system for connecting the axle to gearbox proved over time to be unreliable. Around 2% of golf trolley’s with this axle system were failing by way of the axle fracturing at the hole where the pin was located. The torque strain on the metal, plus all the uneven terrain and weathering was too great for the material and caused a fracture at that point. A new golf trolley axle to gearbox connection was designed to eradicate this weakness and put less stress on the golf trolley axle. It worked by using an outer ring, an inner ball-bearing, and a grub screw to hold the ball-bearing in place against the axle.

We have the new golf trolley axle to gearbox ring, ball-bearing, grub screw connection in stock and available on the website store

Fault finding for the other Stowamatic golf trolley with the jumping speed and now has no power, is difficult to say offhand. Normally erratic numbers when turning the speed control would indicate a faulty speed control switch, but this seems more of an electronic component to be causing this fault. I can not say for certain if it is the handle circuit or controller, but most likely one or other or both, my guess is the controller. We have these two components in stock.






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  1. David macdonald avatar
    David macdonald

    I would like to buy a new motor for my Ben sayers golf trolley as the one I have is making a loud noise when you switch it on

    1. Jim avatar

      One thing to be careful of. If there are loud noises then I would check the gearbox first. Many times noises are coming from the gearbox not the motor.

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