golf trolley wheel not staying on

Wheel not locking in place – wheel keeps falling or coming off the axle – wheel clip not working

The left wheel will not click and lock on with the new clutch fitted. The right one is ok and trolley works but the left wheel falls off.

I have a pro rider electric golf trolley, my right-hand wheel does not stay on, the retention clip is not clipping in. you show one type on your fault finder. mine has a plastic nipple that slides to release the wheel from the axle . can you sort me out, please.

There are rare cases with golf trolley clutches not fitting. If this tends to be one side or the other then here are a couple of reasons you may find one of the sides is not locking in place. The first thing to check is the golf trolley axle pin is clearly there and not broken as this would stop the clutch from functioning properly. Another reason for one side clutch not securing to the axle is rarer. Occasionally the axle can move slightly making it very slightly shorter at one side than the other, enough so as the clutch bumps against the frame not allowing it to reach the axle pin. The solution is to loosen any clamps holding the axle to frame in position and tap the axle along slightly (centre the axle) so as to make enough room for both clutches to fit and secure with the pin.

Also check the axle end to make sure it is clean of debris, this is to help to allow the wheel spring clip to drop into the slot in the axle.

golf trolley new axle pin

As for the nipple type wheel release clip, sometimes the spring and clip mechanism can become dirty and corroded so it does not work as normal.  The best way of fixing this is to first take off the protective plate on the front and give the whole mechanism a wire brushing to clean it out.  Then try a good few squirts of WD40 to help release any parts which are stuck in place or stop the full movement of the clip.



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  1. Thanks for that its the wheel release clip when taken off was damaged so not holding wheel in place

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