Proforce electric golf trolley right wheel falling off

Good afternoon my Proforce electric golf trolley right wheel keeps falling off. I believe the inner clutch has worn. Can you get replacements? Also, do you sell new tyre rubbers for the same wheels?

The ProForce golf trolley wheel clutch is the same as our model of the clutch (two prongs and two screw holes). If your wheel is falling off I would look to the axle slot at the end of each side of the axle. Make sure it is clean and lubricated, then check your spring-loaded mechanism on the wheel, clean and lubricate it also. Some wheels have different types of spring wheel retaining clips or mechanisms, depending on the style or type of wheel fitted. You can get away with different types of wheels, it all depends on where your axle drive pin is located. The older type trolleys had 10inch wheels and with their spring retaining clip mechanism it meant the axle pin was located approximately 7cm from each end of the axle. The slightly newer wheel 11-inch diameter had a type of built-in mechanism to hold the wheel on the axle. It was held with a slide button that released a lever from the axle slot. These wheels needed and axle pin location of around 4cm from the end of each axle.



Golf trolley wheel clip Original wheel


11inch diameter spring slot wheel

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