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Golf Trolley Running Slow

Slow Moving – Golf Trolley Running Slow

I have acquired a second-hand Prorider golf trolley problem being when going uphill it is very slow but upon reaching the flat full power seems to be restored, I have tried changing the wheels but still get the same response, can you help?

There could be a couple of things that can cause slowness in the golf trolley especially uphill. The first thing to check would be the wheel clutches may be slipping but this usually shows by the trolley not being able to drive straight. I would also check the battery condition. Lastly, the motor may have been damaged, this can happen if left with the motor on, say speed one, and held without moving i.e. against a wall or kerb. In this case, you can usually smell the motor, it will have a burnt smell coming from it, but this smell could be away if it’s been a while after happening. Hope this helps.



Noisey and moving slowly

My trolley has developed a major problem.   The trolley makes a loud noise when I switch it on. It only moves very slowly – even with the speed controller set at maximum. Could it be the motor OR one or more of the clutches two-wheel clutches?

The trolley noise could be more to do with the gearbox next to the motor. If the golf trolley clutches test finds them to be working, then I would look toward the gearbox and connections.  Try turning the wheels manually to see if when the axle shaft moves the noise happens.






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  1. Albert Lennox avatar
    Albert Lennox

    I have just got a second ha d Frazer fold away electric golf trolley the battery is fully charged wont drive forward but if wires are crossed positive to live vice versa for a second or 2 it drives in reverse can you help

    1. Jim avatar

      Without knowing the electronic setup of this golf trolley, it’s difficult to say. I have an article on wiring the wrong way around here

  2. John avatar

    I have a pro rider golf trolley which I received secondhand it is in good condition and runs well most of the time. The only problem I have is it stops and goes especially on hills. It seems to be shutting off at the stop/go button and the display is still lighten up I have just recently replaced the power cable so I don’t think there is anything wrong there. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Jim avatar

      With the information above, I would try to borrow a different battery first as a power shut down is often a lack of current. After that, I would look at connectors. If the display is still lighting up and not corrupted I would think of the main controller before the handle circuit replacement. A process of elimination I’m afraid.

  3. Hanna avatar

    Hi, I have two pro rider golf trolly , but the older on which the dial only goes up to 5 , is much faster than the newer trolly that goes up to 7 on the control panel , I have used the same battery in both trolleys for the test

    1. Jim avatar

      The newer controller unit goes to the even higher speed number. I believe the very first models controllers originally went only to speed 5 but should still be a fast walk.

  4. Nigel avatar

    I have been given an easy caddy trolley which when placed on the ground will not move , upside down it appears to rotate ok up needs prompting . The wheel clutches seem fine by your tests . The battery is new . Any help please

    1. Jim avatar

      There are a couple of pages and articles specifically on golf trolley clutches and testing

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