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Wheel Clutch

Golf Trolley Wheel Clutch

CAUTION ALWAYS; replace both clutches at the same time to stop stress of imbalance from worn sides!

golf trolley clutch

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Older style golf trolley clutches

What is a wheel clutch

A golf trolley clutch is used in electric golf trolleys that have motors to drive them forward.  The motor in turn drives the shaft or axle via a gearbox.  This in turn drives the wheels but in order to drive the wheels the wheels need clutches. The reason for the golf trolley clutch on the wheel is if the golf trolley wheel was fixed in place it would not be able to turn at all with out skidding the wheels.  Sometimes there can be a malfunction which causes a loss of drive to the wheels.  Checking this is fairly easy and we have a few tests for checking the golf trolley clutch to find out if there is a fault in that particular component or if the drive failure comes from any other spare parts.

Now imagine you are on a wide fairway on the golf course and it is wide enough to turn the golf trolley around in one large circle.  Now think of the wheels covered in paint.  One golf trolley wheel, say the outside one, covered in purple paint, and the inside golf trolley wheel covered in blue paint.  What would you notice after you had competed the circle on the fairway.  You would see two tracks of purple and blue paint.  Now imagine these two lines.  Blue line would be an inner circle and the purple line an outer circle.  If you could measure these two circles the inner one (blue) has a much smaller distance to cover than the outer circle (purple).

Golf trolley wheel tracks circle

Therefore the inside wheel on the trolley would need to turn less and go at a slower speed.  Due to the axle being a solid one piece rod, this can only be achieved through having a clutch at both sides.  So this brings us to…

Why a clutch is used

The golf trolley wheel clutch allows the wheel on either side of the axle to rotate or even free wheel on the axle in the opposite direction to the power forward.  This allows the inner wheel to rotate slower.  i.e. as above in a smaller circle (circumference).

What is a faulty wheel clutch

A clutch can be faulty when it either will not rotate freely in the reverse direction of drive power.  Hence most of all  when the locking device inside the clutch does not lock and rotates freely in both directions – very common.

Why a faulty wheel clutch

Over time dirt and water ingress can cause the spring locking mechanism to jam.  This means the clutch will not lock for the forward drive power direction.  The wheel spins in both directions freely (freewheels).  Sometimes over time it can be from wear and tear, just as in any part or component like motor car clutches need replaced.

How to test a golf trolley wheel clutch.

Knowing from the above article it becomes easier to understand why a golf trolley clutch can malfunction. The tests on the support page will make it clear and easy to grasp on how to test and fix.

How to fit a golf trolley clutch

Original video help on fitting a golf trolley wheel clutch from 2008 shown below.

Fitting instructions can be found on the support page of the website along with testing and diagnosing any pulling to one side or problems with a lack of drive to the wheels from the axle.

Purchasing wheel clutches

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12 thoughts on “Wheel Clutch”

  1. Fitted a pair to my Precision GTX 36 after the old bearings broke on one side .

    Very easy to do , parts arrived in good time , golf trolley runs straighter .

    Thanks .. great service

  2. Search Results for: I have a waslin golf trolley and want to replace both clutches. the trolley can be used remotely so needs both to be fixed, the diameters are 60mm wide and 35mm high you do not give measurements so will your clutches fit my trolley?

      1. Jim Thanks for reply,
        Could the metal inserts of the clutch be taken out and put into the body of my existing clutch? Thats the problem I have the metal of the clutch is very worn.

    1. Hi John I also have the same trolley as you (Waslin golf ) just wondering did you manage to solve your issue with the clutch ? Having issues with mine now , must have my trolley best part of 15/16 years

  3. Ordered these for my Pro Force trolley. I was sure the Pro Force and Pro Rider are the same product and sure enough they fit perfectly. Quick easy job. One had failed but when I took the old working one off it was obvious it would not have been working for long when compared to the new ones. Just one small tip. Be careful taking the screws out and use a hand screwdriver not an electric. I found it difficult to get a perfect “grip” and ruined one at the first attempt using an electric. The fit is quite tight. If you need a new screw they are an M5 x 20. I used an M5 x 16 which is fine. Great quick service by the way!

    1. I am not sure of that exact make model. If it has two prongs on the back to fit into the wheel and two screw holes for affixing, then yes.

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