Golf trolley not moving forward – wheels turn off the ground

I have not used my trolley for 15 months and now it does not seem to have power as it will not go forward under load. If I lift the driving wheels off the ground and increase the speed, the wheels turn and go faster as the speed increases. However, when I place the driving wheels on the ground it will not move. Occasionally, the trolley Huddersfield as if trying to go forward but lacking power. The battery is putting out 12.2v. The speed controller goes from 0-7 with an audible click from 0 to 1 and the clutches seem ok.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

When a golf trolley has been laid up for a while, then there are a few things to check. In your circumstances with the power for the trolley seemingly getting through as you describe the golf trolley wheels will move when lifted off the ground. I would say the clutches are worn or corroded and need replaced. When the electric golf trolley wheels turn OK when not under load or resistance but do not turn with a load put on them, but the axle and motor do turn, then the first thing to check is the golf trolley clutches. There are a few wheel clutch tests described and available on the support page. The battery does seem to lack charge and if it has been lying around not charged for over 6 months then it would have run down. When a golf trolley battery (lead acid type) runs down completely this causes irreparable damage to the battery and it will need replaced. The battery fully charged should show around 13.5volts.

Does this description of pair mean two halves for one wheel or two clutch pairs for two wheels . I need to replace both wheels with new clutches .What do I need to order to achieve my requirements. I also believe that the measurement from the end of the drive shaft to the roll pin ( drive pin ) is important

The pair of golf trolley clutches are supplied as one clutch for the right wheel and one clutch for the left wheel. So you need to order just one pair of clutches. The measurement from the end of the axle shaft to the roll pin is only important to the wheel you are using not the actual clutch itself. I do know of a leisure equipment shop who don’t really know their spares and faults, and took it from our original website but misinterpreted the issue. That is why our website has full and open support sections with explanations etc. for customers.








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