Motor turns wheels do not move on the ground

My motor responds to the controls when the wheels are off the ground and there is no resistance. when the wheels are grounded a motor/drive gear can be heard spinning but the wheels are not spinning. Suspect the drive gear/ clutch to the underside that is attached to the axle, can this be purchased separately

If you notice the wheels turning with the drive on forward and if the golf trolley is off the ground and there is no resistance to the wheels i.e. the wheels off the ground still turning. Then when the golf trolley is put onto the ground and the wheels then face a resistance then the wheels stop turning.  With the axle still turning but can not seem to be able to transfer the movement to the wheels now on the ground. i.e. the wheels don’t move This sound very much like the wheel clutches.
I would first check if the axle is turning when you put the trolley on to drive power.  If the axle is turning and the  wheels are not turning or sometimes very slowly like slipping on ice or similar ( clutch slip).   This situation is most likely down to worn or faulty clutches on the wheels. Sometimes over the winter the clutch mechanism can get dirt or corrosion inside the mechanism, causing the wheel clutches to malfunction.  The only remedy is to replace the clutches on both sides.  This is a fairly easy job and is explained and shown in video tutorials on the support page under mechanical problems ( clutches ) .  There you will find it simply a matter of taking the wheels off, removing the clutch by way of two cross screws, prising off, and replacing with new clutches.  Clutches are available to purchase  from our store.

Golf Trolley Clutch Tests

My trolley veers off to the right without any warning. I have adjusted the front wheel in an attempt to stop this happening without success. can you advise what is wrong ?
This is most likely to be the RIGHT hand side wheel clutch to be at fault.  Testing for a faulty or malfunctioning wheel clutch is fairly easy.  We have many tests you can easily do yourself for testing both clutches.  These tests can be found two paragraphs down on the support page.  This will take you through the process of testing the golf trolley clutches and also a link to the store for purchasing these spare parts for your trolley.






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  1. Mike avatar


    My motocaddy trolley wheels will not turn unless I turn the power on. For example, I cannot manually push the trolley just a yard. It seems like the wheels are locked, but work perfectly well when I turn on the power. Is this a fault?

    1. Jim avatar

      SORRY: I don’t deal with Motocaddy golf trolleys, possibly in the future? so I am unable to shed light on your fault.

    2. Adam avatar

      Sorry to jump in but the mottocaddy trolleys have two wheel positions. One for motor engaged and one for manual pushing. The manual pushing position is wider than the motor position.Hope that helps

  2. Linda Cserfalvi avatar
    Linda Cserfalvi

    Axle turns but when on ground the wheels don’t turn only the axle

    1. Jim avatar

      Could be either the wheels on wrong sides or axle pins missing or clutch hubs need replacement- see store for parts needed

  3. Chris Thomas avatar
    Chris Thomas

    I appear to have an intermittent fault with the winter drive wheel of my M1Pro. The drive wheel suddenly speeds up forcing the trolley to go sharply to the left. Is this a clutch fault?

    1. Jim avatar

      Nearly always it will be a clutch fault.

  4. David avatar

    Hi my powakaddy axle does not turn but you can hear the motor whirring?
    Any suggestions

    1. Jim avatar

      Sorry Powakaddy told me a few years back there were dealers on my area so I never dealt with them. Sounds like you have a axle to gearbox pin connector fault.

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