golf trolley wheels juddering

My Stowmatic GXT will not drive. The battery is fully charged and the speed controller lights up. I return the setting to zero then rotate the switch to increase the speed, but sadly I do not get any consistent motion. Very occasionally I will get juddering from the the wheels but nothing more. Today I tried once more – this time all lights illuminated but still no motion.

I can advice some idea of what might be happening but I can’t say for certain.

Presuming the rotary switch is scrolling the LED speed numbers smoothly up or down then with all the power in place, the first part I would look to would be the wheel clutches. With your trolley symptoms I would try to see if the shaft / axle is moving smoothly, possibly by taking the wheels off the ground or off the golf trolley altogether. If the shaft is juddering then if would be more likely to be an electrical connection i.e. at the motor. So thinking through this problem, I would tend to look at mechanical first (wheel clutches) and then the electrical connections. The wheel clutch test is on the support page under mechanical problems heading. AS for the electrical side I would disconnect the connectors then a clean up and a spray of WD40 on the connections.

Hope this helps, please let me know how you get on with this

I took your advice. Split the connections etc. sprayed with wd40 and guess what …. its now working.
Great advice, many many thanks.







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