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Golf trolley clutch and wheels slipping

Veers to the Left

Good afternoon. I have a pro rider golf trolley. When using the distance modes the trolley veers or pulls off to the left. Are you able to give me any advice on how to rectify this?  Any advice welcome.

Normally when the Pro Rider golf trolley veers to the left it will be the left wheel which has not as strong a drive in it. This happens when the left wheel clutch is weak and slipping, that’s assuming the axle drive pin the wheel fits onto is OK.  I would look to replace both sides of the wheel clutches. See our clutch fitting page under the search box – (top right of this page).  We have a video to guide also.  To purchase clutches, please note they are available on the spares store page.

Clutches sold in pairs

I managed to get the axle sorted and tried it out on the golf course for the first time today. Motor worked fine and controls were OK, despite the trolley being left outside for 4 years!  The only problem is that the trolley pulls to the right, most noticeably when going uphill, indicating to me that the right clutch is faulty. This was confirmed by manually turning it.
Do you only sell replacement clutches in pairs?

That’s great, glad to hear it’s nearly all working now.  The clutches are only sold in pairs. One of the reasons the wheel clutches are only sold in pairs is there have been quite a few times when one is bought the other shows signs of wear. They tend to wear out around the same time, so you will probably find the other one will go fairly soon. Sometimes it’s not noticeable until the first one is changed over to new, then the older clutch starts to play up as well with the trolley starting to pull to the opposite side.


The Left Wheel Slipping

I have Hillman electric golf trolley, the left wheel is slipping and making a clicking noise.
Do I require a new clutch which is the assembly on the wheel where the pin located on the driveshaft?

I believe the Hillman golf trolley has the same type of clutch as we sell. If so it should have two prongs that fit into the wheel held in by two screws. As regards the problem with your Hillman golf trolley, I would say yes there most likely is a fault with your golf trolley wheel clutch. When the wheel clutch makes a noise like a clicking sound with every revolution of the wheel, then this normally means the bearings inside have collapsed and broken. Finding out and testing the clutch is usually straightforward along with replacing it. To test golf trolley wheel clutch is easy and then the fault can be determined by a simple check. Remember if the golf trolley veers to the right then it will be the right wheel clutch which is faulty and the same test for the left. If struggling to move especially uphill then it could be both clutches. I would always recommend replacing both clutches at the same time.






15 responses to “Golf trolley clutch and wheels slipping”

  1. Peter Bound avatar
    Peter Bound

    I have a Ben Sayers electric trolley that pulls to the left. I have replaced both clutches and drive pins but still pulling to the left…… frustrating! Any advice?!?!?!?!

    1. Jim avatar

      I don’t see your order for replacement clutches, where did you order your parts? I was trying to find out when you replaced them? Our clutches are built Precision pre-greased, where some alternatives have cheaper components and do fail or slip.

  2. Rod avatar

    I have a pro rider trolly the axel does not turn and there is a grinding noise but obviously the wheels don’t turn any idea please

    1. Jim avatar

      With the axle not turning , and if it’s not fractured itself, then with a grinding noise sounds like a rare gearbox failure. But check the axle integrity and drive pin.

  3. Tony Yeomans avatar

    I have a Pro Force golf trolley which has developed a clutch fault. After some head scratching I have come to the conclusion that the Pro Force and Pro Rider are the same product. I have ordered the two new clutches for the Pro Rider in the hope they will fit. They do look the same as far as I can see. It would be incredibly helpful if this fact (if true) could be stated somewhere. I also have a wobbly knob (no comment) which still manages to work but I might be back here very soon!

    1. Jim avatar

      Tony, Thanks for your comment. You are correct regarding the wheel clutches and this is something moving forward I will try to make clear on the website and online store. Regards the knob if the nut holding the switch to the handle is not loose, yet it’s a bit wobbly, I would think it’s the stem of the speed control switch itself at fault. If so, then this will most likely start to fail soon by making the speed adjustments erratic. (A common fault).

  4. Tony Yeomans avatar

    Hi Jim. Just made a comment under the clutch site. They arrived in a very timely manner and have been fitted. As you state they are the same. I also made a comment about being careful with the screws and then saw you had already posted a warning about their susceptibility to having the head strip! I’ll keep an eye on my knob and see how it goes….

    1. Jim avatar


      Thank you for your contribution, this always helps other golfers like ourselves with information to help with repairing their own golf trolleys.

  5. chris woodward avatar
    chris woodward

    do these clutches fit a pre 2010 motocaddy s1

    1. Jim avatar

      Hi Chris, No the clutches do not fit the Motocaddy make.

  6. John avatar

    Do these fit a Hillman trolley

    1. Jim avatar

      Depends on model but most two-pronged type they fit. See photo on the store of golf trolley wheel clutch dimensions.

  7. Pully7 avatar

    Great service, clutches arrived quickly. Great price and loads if info on the website. Thanks very much! Reassuring to know you are here.

  8. Pully7 avatar

    Are the clutches ‘handed’ ?

    1. Jim avatar

      Yes – see “ WHEEL OFF THE TROLLEY METHOD”. at golf trolley clutch testing

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